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  1. thx for the suggestion ill try that game...(im only playing pokemon eh xD)
  2. five nights at freddy's has gave me courage to play many horror games xD!!!....so yeah,good story,stressful animatronics(that kid with balloons!!!),good 3d effects, extreme surprises!!!!!! for me its like super awesome.but i know some horror games like slenderman and etc. is way more cooler...
  3. Its impossible I wish for a stone
  4. You didn't I wish i could see baron's face(i don't know what to wish lel)
  5. You got it....but someone threw a rock on your head and caused coma,and you forgot you have it... I wish to be more poor than hassn (lol)
  6. Im thinking...what if in every boss,the last attacking player will be given bonus....?
  7. Im finished now...we did it 2 times cause i didnt get the drop lol
  8. Hey guys,anyone have a good heart?my ranger has a six shadows quest...I REALLY NEED TO FINISH THAT QUEST...so i beg you warriors,pls help me to save arinar...joke!,i just want to finish it quickly...AND DON'T EVEN TEASE ME GUYS...its my first time to post here
  9. well now...its hard to fight elves,they use the location to find us...then they'll put some banner,traps...they'll use rush too!!!
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