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  1. Yeah some people think that we and the admins are dumbs or something, just a reverse google search and found a lot of stolen draws. Anyway i know this was goin to happen because they did it in every drawn contest XD.
  2. From the darkest corners of the universe, Octo the alien thief is traveling from planet to planet stealing the best weapons of the warriors who faced, hearing of Arinar and the mighty warriors who live there Octo decided to invade, Octo brings with him powerful weapons that he stole from others planets, and took refuge in a cave to steal the best weapons Arinar if warriors manage to beat him, they will be able to get the powerful weapons in his collection. When you fight him, he use his tentacles to hit you, his skills come from the powerful stolen weapons, a sword that doubles his attack, a shield that doubles his defense and a magic wand that launches posonous energy, when Octo is near to be beaten he will spit a large amount of sticky ink that will stick you to the floor and he will move closer to destroy you with a powerfull bite. Statistics HP: 1.000.000 ATK: 500 (tentacle hit) Skills: Sword Slash: 1K Shield Protection: All damage received reduced to the half, activation random. Poisonous Ray: 1st hit 450 ATK the poison damage 50 ATK for a few seconds. (this one is a ranged skill) The ink: This skill will stun the target for a few seconds, the target cant move or atack and will be vulnerable to the best skill the "Desperate Bite". Desperate Bite: Its a K.O. skill if he bite you, its the end, a instant dead skill: ATK: 1 hit dead. The only way to avoid the Desperate Bite is with the help of your party, they must distract Octo, when the target isnt stuned anymore Octo Cant use the Desperate Bite skill. Movements: Octo moves randomly in his area but if someone enters in his attack zone Octo will follow him using the Poisonous Ray, when he reach the target he will use his melee skills: tentacle hit, Sword Slash, The Ink and Desperate Bite. When Octo is defeated the warriors can get powerfull weapons and shields, or bars and spheres if they were unlucky. This is my boss i hope you guys like it, and tell me your opinions about the balance with attack damage and skills. PD: Im not good at drawing so i cant do more XD.
  3. Wow i stopped playing Warspear (bored of the pay to win) but i find this very interesting maybe i will return.
  4. People who not followed all the requeriments are the finalist surprise surprise :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  5. Happy birthday :clapping: its time for get some new equips.
  6. Oh come on!! :facepalm: why win a tournament its a requeriment for get the full set? :facepalm: :facepalm: . Its really unfair :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: . Dont reply me im really dissapointed :facepalm: . At least you can add it as reward in swamp or in some boss. :facepalm:
  7. Dont trust in this guy he scamm items from guilds dont invite him Booozings DK Lv20 is a scammer.
  8. Something tell me that the next update is near :blush:
  9. Barbarian Berserk mode skill increasing atack and def but reducing accuaracy ;D
  10. Finally :yahoo: I was saving Mithril Bars for this update, i hope this work. :good:
  11. Barbarian will get War Cry :facepalm: I was expecting some multi-attack skill, maybe in the future :good:
  12. Finally hard in 1 stamina :yahoo:
  13. When Warspear win give to all surprise chest pls :give_rose:
  14. OMG i love drastic changes, now there is a new world of posibilities :yahoo:
  15. Watch it at 480p or better, with low quality become blurry sorry. The info is at the description but i will put it here anyway :lol: Date of creation: 03/01/2014 Nicknames: Shionkit, Xelfsalyer, Inkdemon, Aloxxon and Lamuarte. Music:Naruto Shippuden OST "My name", composer: Yasuharu Takanashi Sword Art Online Theme, composer: Kajiura Yuki Enjoy :yahoo:
  16. OK this gona be hard :aggressive:
  17. My pc client crash some secs after see the play button. :facepalm:
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