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  1. i cant make out what your saying but i would go help pick the mushrooms if it gets the servers back up
  2. "Hello there, good fellas! We heard you like treasure chests? Oh, yes you are, and we remember about your present after our magnificent win at BestAppEver Awards. Now it's a perfect day to look behind a curtain of this chest mystery. In the next update everyone of you will receive five (5) magic chests with costumes, hairstyles, smiles and decorative skins (no regular loot, yes). This will be a totally new item that's why our best specialists are working right now on this very best present. For now remain patient and remember, that you are the best audience around. Thank you for this!" i dont see anything about pots and cards here http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/47278-20150728-there-will-be-chests/
  3. i tried too make it look like dragon scales but using only red was too bright and different shades of red didn't work too well, i don't think the boss contests ask us to place boss but if i had too choose it would be in avondyl rotting garden side at the top left there is a small island you get too thru a cave the should place a boat there that takes you too the island like the boats you talk too at genie or forsaken map 1 at t2
  4. wish i could draw but its way too embaressing
  5. Sendalphon the cursed A long time ago a pirate ship called the leviathan captained by Sendalphon and his grew set sail to the sapphire islands in search of rare gems they found a small village too the north it was a small and poor village so the captain had hired a group of villagers too dig a mine near an active volcano the mine was filled with rare and magical gems he was consumed by greed and started treating the villagers like slaves one day the villagers came across a soul stone its a rare and beautiful stone but its very brittle and easily broken and contains a large amount of magical power the captain untrusting of the villagers decided to remove the gem him self when he tried too remove it he struck the gem causing it to shatter, the mass amount of magic released caused the ground to give way, sending him and the remaining magic shards plunging into the smouldering river of magma. The magic released took over his body as he fell and merged him with the magma. After a few weeks of searching the grew decided too leave the island. 2 Months after the pirates had left the villagers started hearing terrifying roars coming from the volcano. The villagers went too investigate but the tunnels where collapsed and they didn't find anything a few days later at midnight they heard the mighty roars of a fierce creature getting closer. And in an instant the village was consumed by a blazing inferno now the creature roams the island insearch for people too steal their gems and their souls too increase its power HP 1 500 000 MP 1 000 Skill 1: Eruption, causes splash damage in an 4x4 area around the boss Skill 2: Gem Glare, causes all players in the area too be petrified for 4 seconds Boss behaviour: Attacks the player dealing the most damage ether by ranged magic or by melee physical
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