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  1. Yokkun

    update error

    oh it may so, because now i can login with wifi, thanks
  2. Yokkun

    update error

    I try delete cache ,data, and reinstall game, still stuck at the last 4mb update .the other phone work fine though.
  3. Yokkun

    [2018.11.14] Results

    i forgot to put my nick here, yuarknow us~saphhire , ill put some video too since my guide are simple
  4. Yokkun

    [2018.11.14] Results

    congratsz to all winners
  5. Yokkun

    Macro chat for Party Leader

    The idea just come suddenly ,so how about adding macro chat exclusive to party leader? Its gonna be useful for giving order/command so leader don't waste time with typing(like giving complicated command or just simply hard to type name) while engaging in battle ,especially in dgs.And yea sometimes party leader Just title in-name only, with job merely recruiting party members, he/she wouldn't always giving order nor direction when all party members assembled.So I hope with this suggestion position party leader become more meaningfull. Macros also need distinct difference with normal party chat ,so members can notice or pay attention with easy .like for example giving animation exclamation mark on party leader following by its members ,or maybe using bubble speech like in comics(i like this idea more).and also macros can be customized to own preference, and how to use macros ? Macros can be accessed via menu>party>macros(new menu,this menu will shown gray if player isn't a party leader ,but you can still choose edit macros, if you're not Pt leader)choose one: individual-all-edit macros, the number of command available are 9 each for individual/all macros .For individual macros,its will automaticly add individual name ,like when you start private chat .for all macros All command start with all !,.Edit macros is place you can customized your macros. e.g. all macros -All ! Focus !, -All ! Retreat/Return !, -All ! Evade Traps/Aoe/etc, ! -All ! Attack ! -All ! Ignore Mob focus on boss ! -... E.g. individual macros -Yokkun ! Focus !, -Yokkun ! Retreat/Return ! -Yokkun ! Evade Trap/Aoe/etc ! -Yokkun ! Attack ! -... Ah and 1 more,a party leader can spam macro chat in world/area/guild chat to recruit party members. And that's all , 馃槄. Even thougt i use external keyboard for this thing sometimes i just forgot to use it 馃槗 so i ended up typing manually 馃槴.
  6. Do i need make my guide visibility to public ? because my guide visibility are friend only
  7. forget what im sayin' i got error too馃槰
  8. Yokkun


    i dont wanna solo this guy ever again,
  9. Yokkun

    Charmer - Analysis and Suggestions

    hy guys, i want to ask question hows energy manipulation work ? canskill work to normal mob ,mini,or boss?,? or skill pvp based? and anyone know how much difference 1/4 to 4/4?
  10. Prototype knight x-1 Material-fine steel銆宼2 irselnort mc side 銆 -mythril bar銆宑hest,drop,swamp reward銆 -gold bar銆宑hest,drop,swamp reward,銆 -hide and skin black phanter銆宼4 irsernort mc side銆 *Costume that made from precious ore and exotic animal.its say its armor can take many hit without even scracth .The leather cloth is comfortable and durable too.its also equiped with radar thatll point faraway or invicible foes 銆宺ogue,seeker,pot-er銆嶄箒( 藱 蠅藱涔). Many people yearn for it.Rumor say its price for this costume so high as berengar tower.the downside this 锛奵ostume its just prototype so vulnerable to magic attack is unavoidable... (Thanks @anreeneo and @Jcbreff for pointing my mistakd 鈺( 喙恄喙)鈺)