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  1. Well, this is kind of pointless, you're not suppose to trade accounts in the first place, so if you do, it's your own fault if you loose it. Everyday, the game says: trading/selling/buying of your game account is stricly forbitten and will lead to permanent block. You should have seen it by now.
  2. You mean Kratt the Avenger? I don't know, I killed him several times, but he dropped nothing.
  3. But how do you use it for storage when your other charracters can't even give/take anything from him?
  4. You can disassemble runes/crystals now? I thought only armour and weapons can be disassembled?
  5. What do you mean? Hamstring is one of the best stunning skills, and BD was supposed to be a tank, it's not suppose to heal, that's for support classes.
  6. Is this guy scamming? Because if he is, this is a stupid attempt. I'm pretty sure that he's not support, since I still have my account, althought I'm not sure if support has the power to delete accounts.
  7. The bosses on the first island are easy, I killed all of them by myself after I finished most of quest on Irsenort.
  8. The same happened to me when I tried to creat a ranger.
  9. I have no idea what you're trying to say. It makes no sense to me.
  10. Hello, I just want to ask if it is possible to have an exchange between two of your own characters if they are of the same fraction. For example, I've been doing swamp quests with my BD but got a lot of cloth armour as rewards, so I'm wondering if I can give it to my druid. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  11. I think he will always be there. Not just because of an event.
  12. mc ganks just as much as elves, sometimes more. But there isn't a rule against this, so you can't balme people for doing it.
  13. Isn't that the same as Shift+Ctrl+C, Inspect Element?
  14. A BD except with wooden sticks, Stickdancer. Nice idea, except it would become way too over powered, imagine tring to kill a druid when it does 500 damage per hit and keeps healing itself.
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