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  1. I didn't claim that: ikr there was elements of luck But this update adds even more @venkii: Relics r permanent (until u replace with another relic)
  2. What other points? Sharp shadow stun chance? Isn't bug, read description lol Test server tomorrow
  3. No lag = no bug pos U seem always butthurt, means u lose often Maybe now u'll have 10% more chances to beat pros
  4. Adding 10% chance of area stuns and 5s fears is a big change in PvP And bad for pros: only noobs need luck That's why LoL removed dodge and random skills
  5. I don't like chance/luck in PvP But I like more complexity, to gain an edge with smart skill builds
  6. Allow us to buy expert skill slots for gold (200k at NPC) Or add a tradeable slot-item (like for Stalls/Bags)
  7. Ninja

    Dominion War

    With 4 flags and 5000pt limit, wars last 21-42min
  8. T. Will test server be on today? R. When update? O. Will ppl cry after update? L. Will my chars be stronger? L. Update tomorrow?
  9. Ninja

    Dominion War

    The current war system is boring: - regroup, walk town to town, jump on flag, die, repeat... - almost no strategy or fight involved Here is an idea for a more dynamic war system: - at start of war, spawn some flags in the midway - e.g. start with 2 mc-flag and 2 elf-flag like in this map: - destroyed flags get replaced by an opposite flag - lost flags can be recaptured (like Seals control points) - each flag gives 1 point/sec, first faction to reach 5000 points wins - the key is to capture and defend most flags
  10. From my stats: 1h amp chance is 2x of 2h Gear 2x of 1h
  11. U mean: the lord of the dogs*
  12. Lock in pvp, Necro in pve (and pvp lvl 6-16) Those can be strong with cheap gear and +6 staff
  13. Maybe we'll be able to use a crystal on each skill So one can choose to add cdr to stuns, crit to heals, pene/accu to dmg skills
  14. The new rogue skill is a weak grimoire (20-50% def reduction for 7-14sec) Seems useless in most scenarios (like kick in the back) Worth lvl up only if 1v1 tanks
  15. In 6.1.1 rogues nerfed even more: - poison applied to 1 target only - reflex dodge/speed bonus is 3-5-7-9% for 3-7-11-15 sec
  16. DK lvl 28 can have both dmg skill and silence 4/4 Op in pvp too, I bet elf/barbs will cry Anyway Im not saying it needs a nerf, but so much dmg doesn't fit a tank And I would prefer an useful skill, rather than this boring dmg pseudo-passive
  17. Ye, % items/buffs stacks additively I forgot I had % rings, so I recalc correct values (11-15-20-30%)
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