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  1. Another Update and many things to add again!
  2. Suppose, the enemy who is under 20% hp has like 50-60% resilience. Normally whoever has that much resilience never receives a critical hit in PvP. Will they still get sure critical dmg from Rogue? @Dr Strange
  3. Suggest it in Rogue Section> New Expert Idea
  4. Range attack can hit easily on max parry while its hard to hit max dodge. Well, I'm not saying to give parry a op boost like devs did on dodge. A slight upgrade will be enough.
  5. "Parry" skill of BD is a very neglected skill. After Pumping to 5/5 it gives 5% parry only. While similar skill "Dodge" Grants 26% Dodge to a character. Will we see a rework on this skill in the future? It will be good if % of Parry gets improved while duration gets reduced (Like the recent Dodge rework)
  6. @SymbX cool calculator bro, didn't see that many important bugs so far. Keep up the good work! I loved the search option so far. Could you make guild buff options like "All Skill lvl 3/ Lvl2/ Lvl1" option? When we click "all skill lvl 3" , guild buffs will become Lvl 3 immediately.
  7. I think it was down for like 15min today when I posted, now its ok.
  8. Is calculator working today?
  9. Sex Change Scroll: Allows User to Change Their Sex [Male to Female and vice versa]. Mcoin Item only. Claim All Button: Allows a person to Claim All rewards and Golds (in case of sold items in dealer) at once.
  10. In the last few years, world of Warspear had grown rapidly. We have seen various zone expansion, new events and many more updates in last 10 years. There are always many exciting new things with every updates and sadly many zones gets outdated as well. Now, Irselnort Zone has been dead since last few years. Still, they get lively in some occasions such as weekly war, Birthday events etc. But, Avondil Zone t1 and t2 has been completely a ghost town in last few years. There's nothing to do in these zone nowdays. But People still need reputations here to advance to other zones. Hereby, I suggest to put some more daily quests here and reduce boss hp ( Satraps/ Ponti) in these zones so new questors can pass these towns more easily. Its been hard to get daily help here for completely new players nowdays. Satraps/ Ponti has like 250k-350k hp and its quite high for beginers (quest) zone nowdays when you compare it with t3 or t4 quest bosses. Should be scaled down to 100-150k i think.
  11. How to contact developers of the calculator? There's no update on current spring Items yet.
  12. Permanent skills turns off whenever we enter or leave arena. I know its not a great issue but still its an annoying one. Is is possible to make them permanent for arena also? like fero/ resil skill?
  13. WoW! well I'm not in Sea server but giveaway is always wonderful xD
  14. *bringing my soda and popcorns here* nvm me, keep going.
  15. play a dmg class thats not rogue then fight vs a decent rogue
  16. well, near 100% evasion is a very bad thing.
  17. exactly! But you must agree with me that rogues are the king of landing first hit xD
  18. Sadly i never see rangers to have enough hp to kite vs a rogue when the rogue finishes his combo. That invis+dagger combo melts ranger badly.
  19. Yes, BD can but ranger cant,, ranger needs to resist the dagger combo for survival and that happens like 1% time max
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