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  1. WoW! well I'm not in Sea server but giveaway is always wonderful xD
  2. @King Death 1265200280_EpicFightBokuNoHeroAcademia-MidoriyavsMuscularGUARANTEEFULLFIGHT_3.mp4
  3. *bringing my soda and popcorns here* nvm me, keep going.
  4. play a dmg class thats not rogue then fight vs a decent rogue
  5. well, near 100% evasion is a very bad thing.
  6. exactly! But you must agree with me that rogues are the king of landing first hit xD
  7. Sadly i never see rangers to have enough hp to kite vs a rogue when the rogue finishes his combo. That invis+dagger combo melts ranger badly.
  8. Yes, BD can but ranger cant,, ranger needs to resist the dagger combo for survival and that happens like 1% time max
  9. same here hahaha. Its a waste of time as enemy guild alliance are in control of that bracket. 25 win daily will take 6/7h here.
  10. actually there's very little chance of survival for rangers after rogues full combo. Rogues can stun and deal heavy dmg from range nowdays. (Stealth+dagger combo)
  11. Cool Idea. But the problem is we do not have endgame tier skills yet, max we have is expert skill.
  12. When someone wins fully, then they stop entering inside after a while. Thanks to the matchmaking system depending on Rating. (Personal Experience: When i fought in Crucible in my server, i started to enter 4/5 times per hour)
  13. Average time needed to get 1 win in seal= 3 mins if we meet friendly parties. So, 25 win= 75min and another 75 min to let friends win. So Lowest time needed= 2h 30mins. While fighting enemies, 6-7mins,,so now 25 win (+25 help atleast)=5hrs. @Holmes Accorning to my personal opinion, this mode is too slow. in Crucible it takes max 2h-2h 30 min to get 25 wins and in 5x5 it takes less. In new mode it will take 3hrs atleast. For many people, it could be 10hrs.
  14. Your Buffs are hidden. Will you kill me if i ask to your buffs?
  15. I am playing for like 8 years now and still new players with endless coins are easily overpowering me in couple of months. I hope u got ur answer. Yes, ofcourse. It will be hard but its possible if you can invest your time.
  16. horrible. Now its easier when u have a good friend to help in dg.
  17. Good evening! I hope everyone is having a great time although the world is still under chaos because of CoVid. I have some suggestions to rework on some older maps of warspear as they have been abandoned completely. Warspear has grown larger but the older maps are almost as same as when they got launched. For this reason, most of the maps are fully empty nowadays. Irselnort: Once upon a time, this map was lovely and full of players. But now there's rarely any player in this map except weekly war days and special events. There's not much thing to improve here except the Avneger boss in Hall of Avenger. This boss has so much potential but still drops lvl 18 wpns with very low chance. This boss can be revamped and can be made a raid boss like in map 4. Labrynith: This place is now only a lvl up place for low lvl players now. But this place is hard for new players(new= complete new players without much friends) and it is hard to find a good party (or players) to help them. Again, it is very easy for high lvls. But as this place serves mainly to gain experience for low lvl players (<20 lvl players, this place is a exp mine). My suggestion is to reduce difficulty a little bit so these new players can earn their exp here. P.S: Bosses are okay. Maybe reducing the number of mobs in this place is good. Boss drops: Their used to be war always over lab bosses in the past. But now these bosses are not worth farming or making war. The drops in here has no value now. Maybe change the drops a bit to make these boss look good.(Well, accepting this idea depends 100% on the devs). Kronus boss and Dungeon: This boss is a raid boss but killing it is very easy and it doesn't drop anything interesting. So, maybe increase its difficulty and give it a Non class book drop like avondil raid bosses. And drops from Kr dg was so good in the past. Maybe add easy-myth difficulty with high lvl drops here just like it was done in cc dg. Norlant swamps: This map was fun once. Maybe some players should provide ideas on how to make this place better. Avondil: At preset, avondil t3 - t5 sector is doing very good. But t1 and t2 sector is empty. But players need to gain reputation here to advance to t3-t5 zone. Quests are boring here. Again, dungeon Rotten Garden and Termitory gives good reputation. Players gets reputation from miniboss ponti and satrap also. Well, problem is as these two zones are empty. Most of the players find it hard to find a good partner for doing these dungeons or killing the bosses. My suggestion is to reduce boss hp. T3-T5 bosses has 80k-200k hp max. So, its funny to see t1 and t2 sector mini bosses to have hp 250k+. Secondly, reduce difficulty of Rotting Garden and Termitory till hard level. Hero and Myth difficulty seems fine. This is it for today. Friends please add more ideas for these older maps. Thanks in advance.
  18. I feel like devs should reorganize Irselnort, Lab, Avondil t1 and t2 drops to make these places more interesting. Nowdays almost no people visits these areas as they do not drop any valuable items anymore.
  19. https://warspear-online.com/en/
  20. Join EU, US is totally messed up.
  21. Whats the use of new class if cant make it! P.S: Tried on my 3 different accounts(2010, 2013,2016) , even tried on a new one after that.
  22. It's been there for ages man! Easy to remove expert skills.
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