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  1. Daria, aigrind need repair arena reward rank 2. Is cape not amulet!
  2. I come through this and other show my outrage about the company that is always trying to improve the game, but actually improves the game for MC faction only. Many complain of things about the game, the aigrind goes and does change and it ends up benefiting the mcs. It all started because elfs are in quantity and many people began to play elfs and mcs as were the grotesque minority, needed strengthening and for that, aigrind began to stir in skills which eventually influencing change next to some players. The company needs to understand that there are two sides of the coin and the two need to be heard. I always see Mcs complaining of elfs, but expecífico a single class, bladedancers. Already the elfs have complete processing of view of mcs and therefore claim all or almost all vocations. Aigrind, it's already ugly, it is ridiculous. Stop thinking only of capital for the company and better fair play!
  3. you can not compare an elf class BD with all other mcs. classes must be balanced according to each faction. Rogue x Ranger Shaman x Druid Necromancer x Priest Barbarian x Bladedancer Dk x Paladin Warlock Mage x
  4. Many things are created and more and more the desire to play decreases. Not only to create new things, but improvements should and reformulate the old, starting with the skills that are absurdly noted the big difference being elfs and mcs. Rogue X Ranger: rogue in addition to the poison and become invisible, has a powerful skill dodge. Ranger on the other hand turned paper, where his Dodge serves no purpose and your life goes away in the first rogue attack. Shaman X Druid: shaman has a totem that heals for example a level 18 pro 352 or so. This is aside from normal heal which together reach 578 or more to heal. Druid on the other hand has secret link that only works if you are in a party and heal does not even come close to the shaman totem. Neco X Priest difference more remarkable that where necro has stuns and it easily kills a simple priest who only has two attacks and zero stun. Lock X Mage: lock comes out ahead because their skill completely catch the opponent on the other hand the mage is a full vocation attacks but does not compare to lock skills. Dk X Pala: dk virtually lock the opponent with all possible skills of the game. Pala suffers much the same with two skills that catch the opponent. The company can not let this difference aside. This also affects the wars where the elfs do not have good skills for war.
  5. some days, when u win war, u got only one star (yellow and orange)..... but there are days that the war will give three stars.
  6. Please Aigrind work hard in another war. Why does not create a system where you can make a great war between servers? It would be much more fun and make the game more dynamic where all servers work together, that is, all the elves against all mcs. Thus the wars would be much more competitive. Please Aigrind show your power!
  7. In my opinion app it's better than browser. And in my case...i don't know about other, but i cant login my acc in forum when use browser, and i think if have app facilitate all.
  8. I as a player, I just like to play the phone and come up with the idea of Aigrind create an application system to be downloaded Forum Warspear. This would facilitate much so I can get in the game forum if there was an app for that. It is a great idea and good for developers.
  9. US the BEST *_* unfortunately wars are more than proven that are totally dissimilar. The skills of Mark are much more effective in the wars and it helps a lot in attack and in defense.
  10. you need to review the way to make war in the game. everything is very confusing. Where's creative team and planning to develop a new way of war between territories? Well I will give my view on how I see a fair battle, dynamic and fun for the players. Firstly, a small war map that is open only in the days of war was prepared. The issue of capturing flags remains the same that exists already today. Second, it created a special npc so that each player can register the name of your character and that he will win a pass to take the boat that will let you enter the island the war. Each pass will cost around 3k gold and will go on sale until three hours before the war began. Third, this mechanical causes players to interact more with each other, leaving only the war map who owns the pass and who really want to fight for your guild. Fourth and finally, the winning alliance will be rewarded with 10k gold, two exclusive minions to be used in the war and 50 cc. Well that was my idea to make the game more fun and a little less monotonous. Att, Lionzi US-sapphire
  11. Good afternoon, you need to review the system drops the dungeons for 90% of the time the items out for those tank the boss! They should match this as it is unfair. I've just spent this week an 8 stans. was 16 times in the dungeon and got no drop and drop always going out to the tanks.
  12. Good afternoon, you need to review the system drops the dungeons for 90% of the time the items out for those tank the boss! They should match this as it is unfair. I've just spent this week an 8 stans. was 16 times in the dungeon and got no drop and drop always going out to the tanks.
  13. In this situation, please GM delete PRIEST and create new class
  14. I have a big problem to be solved. The bosses present within this room on each level ("jason, Samara, Freddy Cruger, Wedgehead") are a big issue for many. I've been with my more than fifteen times group kill this boss and to this day the only thing that was dropou spheres. I wonder he drops some good item or if it's just to waste time on himself. att, Lionzi US
  15. To be master of the world, I had to prepare myself for many years some skills that would make me ever stronger! I live in the depths of a lost place and inhabited by extremely strong creatures. I was created from the mixture of some classes and absorbed the lives of many warriors, which made me increasingly strong. My name is Kratus Focus, which means malignant force. such force is present in my skills, my staff and the emerging field that involves my hand. Life: 10m Mana: 50k Physical dmg: 300 To kill this powerful boss that is located in the depths of Ayvondil, you need a lot of teamwork, because the boss is very powerful and it constantly changes its attack target, ie, the stronger your team better. The boss possesses some extremely powerful skills that are constantly used.
  16. I've bought some chests of the event and got an ICE BOW. Today I make the switch to the CSBRASIL player of my skin by GREENCH him CUSTOM. The trade is canceled 2 times and then immediately he put the grinch summon in the usual place! I am a former player in the game and do not like theft and dishonest people! Please take action.
  17. Não é possível que uma empresa como essa que está buscando sempre o melhor para seus jogadores deixe um bug de suma importância ficar presente no jogo sem nenhuma resolução do problema. Skill redemption do Priest ainda está bugada...ela finge que heala mas na verdade é apenas uma "máscara"; e o skill deveria também funcionar para tirar os danos negativos em área coisa que não está acontecendo. Outro problema é que o skill só "funciona" caso seu priest esteja parado, pois se ele estiver em movimento e você usá-lo por exemplo em um tanker à sua frente, ele simplismente além de não enganar o heal, ele não funciona.
  18. Boa tarde Lady. então eu gostaria até de ser moderador. entendo bem o inglês, a única coisa que pra mim é complicado é tradução, pois não sou bom em traduzir as coisas então não sei se serve para te ajudar.
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