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  1. How do you know its more elves then mcs? & the mcs who crying have never full plus ten there mc.& elves plus ten all the time maybe you mcs should amp and stop crying learn how to use your mc cuz you can't spam skills anymore lol. GM FIX THE NEWEST BD SKILL SO BDS CAN STILL RAPE MCS.
  2. How much skill dose it take to buy mcoins and spam the tower all-day ? it take money to win tournament not skill. the gm is who winning lol.
  3. Turtle you can't be tpain or yins with his old gear now. Stop lieing & just get better I do over 400 dam on you now so how can you beat tpain with your plus 5 gear? you clearly a kid and you making a fool of your self smh. but let you tell it you beat everyone lol.
  4. Now I'm start back to pvp using all old bd skills, NOW COME GET SOME AND DON'T CRY WHEN YOU GET RAPED JUST GO AMP
  5. Yea says the bd who raped everyone for over a year but tpain and yins xpionyx put up some good fights. Says the bd who raped mcs with level 15 arena swords & still do. Go ask bless what I did to his ranger in a 3v3 pvp ask him what I did to his rouge for a year with level 15 arena swords, no rogues would fight me unless I used level 17 arena swords. Now what can you do? Me and bless would rape you easy. I don't need to make videos try me and see what I do lol. & for turtle noob, you weak and will always be, so just quit. If you have to say you have a life its cuz you really don't, because it go's without saying.
  6. The fact of the matter is if the bd weak the skill weak, plus it dose not work every time.
  7. The skills are only strong if you are. so if you are low amp the skill are weak, so like I said stop crying and amp up. when bds got rush mcs was crying calling it a super skill. counter attack don't just work you have to use it right & it can be dodged so can sonic boom. If you are low amp then those two skill are weak. If your att over 600 then they are nice. FYI all I have is a BD that is all I ever Ben playing.
  8. I don't need need new Bd skill to win plus I'm still rapeing people with level 15 swords. so no name elf please let me nuts go. plus I only ben playing for over a year, I have not Ben playing no where near 3 years lol. so get your facts straight no name jealous elf lol. You raped all the professionals let you tell it lol.
  9. No name noob stop it, you never raped me no need to make things up. It's makes you look like a fool lol.
  10. Only the low amp mcs crying. How about you amp your weak mc & get strong and stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing. Have you tried that yet?
  11. agg useless in pvp, it gives me free hits because I just keep clicking on you while you using it.
  12. my acc over 13% and rouges still dodge the Sonic boom and C attack. maybe you just weak lol.
  13. How about you mcs max out your mc & stop b I t c h I n g.
  14. no counter attack can be dodged. rouges do it to me all the time.
  15. Mc stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing you can dodge this skill.
  16. what noob made this incorrect list smh lol its a sin to not have my name there when I raped all on the list but two people. Yin/Tpain. Dick riders don't get to make a list of this kind.
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