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    LuciferTheAntiChrist got a reaction from agent_009 in Flurry of steel or Ricochet?   
    I have a few questions, first one is which skill is better in arena? Secondly, how much more dammage does flurry of steel cause as compared to dmg caused to 1 target using ricochet? And lastly, which skill can be used from stealth and which skill breaks stealth?? Thx for replying
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    LuciferTheAntiChrist reacted to AliceMoon in Necro skill - bone shield   
    K soo its still rather usless,still i wait till devs answer
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    LuciferTheAntiChrist got a reaction from centurion944 in [2015.03.05] Warspear Online 4.8. The Honoring of the Spring King   
    "The updates will take 1 hour"
    "Edited by roland"
    "The updates will take 3 hours"
    Nice troll admins
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    LuciferTheAntiChrist reacted to MACROBLAST in [2015.02.17] Warspear Online 4.7: Birth of the Tempest. Release.   
    And whens warsear going to incorporate some ak47s and gernades and possibility of riding horses +10 AK
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    LuciferTheAntiChrist reacted to LuciferTheAntiChrist in [2015.02.17] Warspear Online 4.7: Birth of the Tempest. Release.   
    Thx GM nice update. Love ya'll
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    LuciferTheAntiChrist reacted to Nosotraes in Do i get spawns from low lvl bosses?   
    You won't get drops from a boss if you are in a higher level than the one of the boss. For example: in berengar's tower, you can't get drops from easy and normal if you reached level 21, and no drops from hard and heroic if you reached level 23. Once you reach level 20, those bosses will still drop for you.
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