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  1. Bladedancers with armour made of toilet paper
  2. this is why I own shit out of people bro This is why it take me 30 seconds to accept one quest
  3. Blackwing lair lvl 60 raid, the duck blizzard want lvl 60s to do, die in shame? :wacko: ducking OP mobs, here boss with mobs :lol:
  4. 2D game bro, Can't just add pets to it, it will be shitty, imagine it... with all these bugs and OP skills... and shitty graphics :facepalm:
  5. Me: Hi Guys, I'm just a patient good person waiting for my friends to upgrade me to WoTLK Sulla: OMFG IM GAY OMFG DK EPIC OMFG SEXY TRAINER * DK SCREENS * * DK SCREENS * Me: Bro, HOW THE duck CAN I BE PATIENT WHEN SOME GAY DUMBASS KEEP SPAMMING ME WITH OMFG DK EPIC AND SHIT Sulla: I am gay XD I will upgrade you soon bro Me: When is soon Sulla: You want upgrade or not? * 5 mins later * Me: * log into forum * OMFG OMFG OMFG LICH KING BETRAY ME BRO SEXY TRAINER BRO OMFG OMFG * more gay dk screens * OMFG GUY POOPED HIS PANTS POOPED HIS duckING PANTS * pooping pants guy screen * Me: BRO WTF UPGRADE ME Sulla: soon bro soon Me: WHEN IS SOON? Sulla: Be patient bro Me: -_- Sulla: Yes I am gay
  6. that's justin bieber bro, ducking gaylord, I can't believe he raped sulla OMFG, gay ducking a guy in the ass, so that makes sulla more than a gay :shok:
  7. someone seems horny, take your pills bro, you might go wild like when you saw an old man naked in the street, good times bro :lol:
  8. It's called bug fixing, Imagine us same as russians, 30 people in one boss, you want a server to be full of lvl 17 & 18 equipment? the best equipment so far in the entire game just kill one boss and you get it? nah, don't think so
  9. Bro, go choke on a dick, next time you say something do it, don't tell people to ducking wait, you are ducking retard, I get PMs saying, Sulla say he gonna upgrade you he told me not to upgrade you cause he will do it, Shyleen told me not to upgrade you she told me to upgrade you when she upgraded :facepalm: ducking retards, go drown in a cave full of cum and swallow it all until you die, I know you want that bro, And Alistra looks like a dick ducker bro, sylvanas way better bro, and anyway I'm not a lifeless gaylord having crushes on girls on an online game, ESPECIALLY A duckING NPC A duckING 3D CHARACTER THAT DOESN'T duckING EXISTAND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO duckING FORGE BRO, ITS duckING DKS PROF BRO duckING NOOB, AND YOUR KEY BINDINGS, IT LOOKS LIKE DICKS UP YOUR ASSHOLE UP YOUR duckING ASSHOLE, You don't even know how to play DK bro, go play your lost noob priest and learn to play DK bro, It's a shame most DKs are just kids who spam 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, -, = Bro your a nub bro a nub and a retard
  10. Bro, You know how a ducking gangsta talk? gangsta talk like a mother ducker, Bad words don't make people gangsta, and I'm not the ducking brainy king, Saying bro again and again don't make people brainy, and bro, I know we don't kill friends, but bro, if people go on elf don't complain cause your just gonna start drama, but if they do something bad like helping our enemies then just post what happen here and we sort things out, no need to ♥♥♥♥♥ if I go on my BD afking at Riff chatting with Sulla, Shyleen and Madmaxx, it's not like i'm helping wog or something, Go ask Hornig, I'm online at elf almost all the time when you guys are off, then when I go elf cause shy and sulla there you people start ♥♥♥♥♥ing, i remember cross pm me with facepalm saying " you go elf too? ". I'm just standing in ducking riff in afk, and I didn't say anything about you and shyleen's " problem " I am not a part of it and I didn't mention a thing about it, the only thing I said was if you see us on elf you start complaining facepalming and ♥♥♥♥♥ing, I don't even play elf, I just go on elf to chat, what should I make lvl 1 char to chat so I don't look like I'm moving to elf? anyways, I am not the one who " JOINED IN THIS DRAMA ", read this quote Why would I go to elf? I already betrayed them, I joined MC, and I'm not going back to elf, anyways, I didn't say I was a part of this, just read the quote again, You guys involved me in this. :facepalm: You really want me to go to elf? don't make enemies from your friends, I am not going to elf, ask everyone in MC how long I'm online , then if I go to elf for 5 minutes to chat with friends I get pm from you or crossfit complain saying " You move to elf too? etc etc " :facepalm: I am not a part of this drama, but you guys involved me, so don't blame me, you guys started
  11. Finally a pay off for all those Relics :lol: good job, you deserved it
  12. Blind decreases your accuracy and shamans have very few accuracy 0-5% usually cause of arena staff, so I don't think it helps with damage, but it gets you free heal for 2-5 seconds and if you on heal set, full life :wacko:
  13. Just when I was about to ducking leave, I blinded mob for 10 seconds and then killed him, and yes, I got ducking lucky, NOW IM GONNA BE RICH, SUCK ON MY GOLD SULLA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, see how rare it is - http://www.wowhead.com/item=10822
  14. Most video recorders have those red names or labels on top or bottom of screen, for advertising their program :lol: Try the old Hypercam, It looks shitty but I don't get lag when I use it, high tech video recorders too laggy and video size big :facepalm:
  15. Bro, go duck cows bro, I'm not lonely bro, I have Sylvanas and Alistra
  16. Bro, me quit for now, I just log elf and MC to talk with friends, You see me in MC right? and why does it matter if i'm on elf? all I do is afk at riff, What benefits do elves gain with that? and guys this is a ducking shitty piece of shit in a electronic device, right now elves are more active, MC is ducking boring, killing elves all day, But I AM MC, that is why I don't hunt MC's, I don't hunt bosses with elves and I DONT KILL MY FRIENDS. You know Sulla is inlove with shy, that's why he follows here, and Madmaxx has more friends online at elves, I always see him with Uxie and other people, Shy is just having time with FoF and old friends. It's not like we have war with each other, we will all return at forsaken, just don't ♥♥♥♥♥ about other people going to other factions, are Spanish people always like this? you go to enemy side they start ♥♥♥♥♥ing? jeez, stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing and remember what friends are, if you don't like us in elves then duck off, you know we will still be together when forsaken comes out, Why is playing in the opposite faction such a ducking big deal? I don't really get it They are just spending time with Slay and other FoFs and friends, you don't spend time with your friends even if they in enemy team? do you have real friends at all?
  17. Bro, I need to ask you an important question, Sulla told me to ask or else he won't upgrade me to Wrath of the Lich King, anyways bro, go online asap and pm me bro, I WANT TO BE A DK BRO
  18. Bro, I can do 4-6k pure damage on you RANGE BRO, and 10 yard stun, even if you use pully thing I can stun you when I'm halfway there :lol: and I can heal full HP with 1 click and remove stun/poison/movement impairing effects with 1 click and Trincket can also do that if no mana, and I have 2 absorb shields, 2 immune shields, 1 block shield ( 2 for Tank spec ) and bro, I can do pure range damage on you, your defense will be shit bro, and I can DAZE YOU BRO, YOU BE LIKE A TURTLE WITHOUT A duckING SHELL BRO
  19. Bro, your not the only one with stuns and don't forget, Paladins have many ways to heal themselves, channeling or not, and shield too, so you can kiss your stuns good bye :lol: Poor OP DK kids, all you ever do is spam 5 buttons and hope ur OPness will win, but bro, Shadow ducking Priests, Fear mindblast fear mindblast, he don't need any other skills bro, ducking OP, one priest owned ducking 3 of us, he just use fear and mindblast non stop, why the duck is mindblast ducking OP bro? btw, learn to use macros and DK skills bro, Don't be one of those kids who don't know how to abuse DK :lol:
  20. Bro, The only Damage a rogue will every do to me will be " IMMUNE ", and their poisons are useless ( Cleanse [ 0 CD ] ) and let's not forget my favorite Absorb bubbles have 2, 1 is automatic so even if i'm stunned, ABSORB ABSORB :lol:
  21. Bro, I will get mists, I will tell my dad to get for my birthday :lol: Bro check this shit out http://mop.wowhead.com/compare?items=81577 duck it don't show other item in yours, Write a name of a lvl 85 item, COMPARE THE DPS AND ATTS
  22. Paladin unlike Rogue, KILLS 500 ENEMIES AT ONCE, while rogue kills only 2 every seconds with Blade Flurry, LOLOL, BTW Sunwell Raid, duckING EPIC, some ♥♥♥♥♥ gotta a mount :facepalm: Phoenix EVERYONE ROLLED XDAnd bro, I killed a hunter and DK at once, I just own the shit out of the hunter 8k heal and own the shit out of the DK with my 8-10 second stun, and bro, Rogue only sap mobs 3 mins on players ducking 5 seconds XDD bro, just don't cry, BTW, SEARCH GOOGLE FOR THE duckING LVL 90 GEARS, U WILL SHIT UR duckING DICK OFF THE duckING UNIVERSE
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