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  1. 3lv at Magic weapon. Ok then tell me what wrong i said in last post? I said that least favorite skill kick in the back. Question was - whats your favorite smile in game... Whats so immature with it? Answer this Jswaaz.. even others do.
  2. Facebook Why does ONLY MY answers and questions being DELETED? (I noticed that second time.. wtf?? Is that devs job?)
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3 There was many questions&answers deleted? Or im blind?
  4. @Peter > What about weekend sale for all mcoin items? Im still looking forward that you will make it
  5. Thats was well explained, as always Delta but i guess you should write in his language xD
  6. This post is ridiculous itself, seems like you are very lonely and dont have friends to tell your "goodbyes" online. This ↑ makes me laugh xD Show that you are too addicted into this game, im sure tomorow you will login like nothing happend Drama queen
  7. Huh? Having wife and lover in the mmorpg?
  8. That thing also happend to me using Knowledge pot. Used pot for 24h during that time when we had over 10 maintenances in one day
  9. So what you disagree about? You explained everything like it is.
  10. Whats so bad with it? Its only for people choice award 2k mc. Aigrind jury will announce other 5 places.
  11. I don't really care about wars, coz they are making them every day and I don't see the reason to join. I have already done bg, so its only useful for those who didnt. Also i dont like wars, coz it like meat crushing machine, hundreds or ppl cones to one place and starts to kill, spams their skills and etc... boring... no reason There is only one advantage during the war that most of the bosses are free and swamps arent so crowded
  12. Harry potter Are you going to participate in the new Photo Contest?
  13. Can you show an example Peter? Coz no one making posts with their photos as it was on the other contests
  14. Coca cola + fanta mix What was your first gf name?
  15. Peter > What about health, mana potions during war? We wont be able to use them like during arena or not?
  16. LOL. Hope devs will take it as prove and NERF pala banner :clapping:
  17. Chuch Norris explains everything xD Rap or Rock
  18. Lol, all I can say that you are crazy. No one calculating how much gold they are spending to amp equipments. Everything is about signs. And besides there are hundreds of posts already made abt amping, everyone know that its depends on your own luck. No one can tell you exactly how much signs you will spend amping something And if you calculating gold, then you can do thar after you done amping. :facepalm:
  19. I think you doing a huge problem by not questing. Its very good opportunity to get more exp if you are leveling (im doing so, using exp pot all the day, made over 1000exp already and they still turning off server) or get more gp :drinks:
  20. Haha, devs stolen 10mins from us and turned off us-sapphire earlier :rofl: :rofl: But seriously guys, it pisses me off, stop turning off :facepalm:
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