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  1. Yeah, fortunaly you got a guild that can help you.. For people like me, who get no help from nobody, thats hard. So please gm, find an issue.
  2. Wow great ! New map which i cant play on it. Lvl up on Irsernolt ? Without the t1,t2,t3 quest ? That sucks.
  3. Hi there In dat new update, new pvp zones were added. Thats not a problem; the only problem is : elves are over-populated. Thats a fact, dont denie it. Then when, in ayvondil, ill start my dayly to lvl up, when i leave the city, 4 elves rush on me and i can't do anything except dying. Im looking for some Mcs to complete quest with them, nobody. In conclusion, i cant play on ayvondil. I cant lvl up. Elves being stronger, elves get a new toy, ayvondil. Thanks gm. Thats actually not your fault (that elves are over-populated ), but you can still fix these pvp area. Greetings
  4. Hello sir' Im a MC called starlong. Im from france, and yesterday i just bought a Google play card of 15€. I have done the update just yet and when i wanna buy miracle coin, i cant pay with my google play store found ! Is it still a way to buy miracle coin with google play store ? I hope so, else i lost 15€ Im on server US-saphir Thanks you for attention. Have a good day
  5. Hey guys, starlong here Im barb lvl 20 blabla from France I've seen lots of people complaining about the current war on US-shapphires. (by mcs at least ) Personally, i think "war"s sucks now , there is 10/15 peoples utmost and all people just rush over stairs and sprinkled all over CL bosses. It's a pity.. I propose to PLAN a war, maybe each week or just a big event each month. Let's talk over here about this project to plan a war. First problem : jet lag. We all live in different countries sprinkled in the whole world. My solution : Why not at the end of a tournament ? It is the same time for everybody. Second problem : mcs are lazy ( I am ). My solution : Well... if we plan since a long time, more people will be available to join the war. Cuz when somebody says " GO WAR ALL " aha, but if there is a party at demonologist, an other at tower, nobody will join. Also, the power of guilds. Indeed, if all guilds warn their members, and join the war. It will make LOT OF PEOPLE MUAHAH. Then, we needs some guilds support. I ask for Sithlords, RedIsDead, alliados, legacy, Gunz, BraveWar, WhitePearl, BlackPearl, NoExcuse and others ( YEAH I FORGET DA NAMES ) to thinks about it. Lets talk over here about this projet, and get ready guys We also need a leader, lets choose together who is able to be one. Have a good day, starlong.
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