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  1. I don t want to offend you or say your game is bad only. But some mistakes are quite obvious. Still i really apreciate the low lvl dungeons good work there!
  2. Exp necro--posion shield is NOT wirking correct.neigther explosuin dmg. Because the screen shows a location of mobs different to their real location. Just use two chars on one map and you will recognize both are displayed on different locations depending on the phone you look at. And what is fateful connection? why elfs got 5 classes that can do dmg while stunning enemys and mc got 2? Why healers only get aoe and support skills? You think we only play for helping others? Please test a pvp between necro and any elf class. Not to mension : i lost by far against a priest which was 3 lvl lower and -3 alimplified....is that balanced?
  3. If they work according to the code then please test if they make sense....r0land,
  4. 1st learn english 2nd they could fix first skills before adding even more into an unbalanced game
  5. I will repeat myself again:::: make a possibility to delete bad expert skills to get free slots again..
  6. no it only resets the skill points...not the skill otdelf. I want to entirely get rid of the skill so i can use an othrr expert skill in that slot instead
  7. Please give an option to delete old expert skills....noone wants fateful connection. And i dont want to lvl 2 more lvl and not get any drops in tower to try thebnext propably useless necro skill. Its not fair that ppl who try it out first have a disadvabtagebecause they can t get rid of the skill anymore
  8. Yooooo we enter dungeon after 2 min it says server stop in 5 min....thank you for stealing stamina you retards
  9. Lol so much is bugged. At necro two expert skills have bug: Poison shield- sometimes doesnt even work when standing right on top of mob or directly next to him.....two phones show two dofferent location of players....propably there is the reason to find... secon infection -same as posion shield- explosion damage often doesnt work correct.. So cool of you to fix op ranger first and leaving worst expert skill class without reply. I stopped paying after first expert skill update. duck you guys
  10. Never seen a class like necro going down like this in anygame. with full +8 gear lvl18 you get killed 1-2 hits from bd and ranger... no chances against other classes even agains lvl 16 +5 PRIEST I LOOSE althogh he is lower amp and lvl....seriously you ducked it up
  11. lol on elf 5 classes have stuns which doesnt break at dmg....at mc there are two classes.and necro becomes a breaking stun ....lol now he can literaly run from all elfs
  12. OLol.......first you spent money for getting irselnort done and then money for amp thrn money for tower ...then new island same shit over again, new weapons.....waste time in tower...after billion trys get smth....try another billion times to am the shit......then try thousand kills solo gg bcause you gave up paying and realized you psyed too much...then get bow drop on mc side...give up warspear make you own game (same time consuming but you are boss...forfree)
  13. oh year typing mistake thanks so far i also made lvl 9 necro...is it possible to solo fat torar lvl 9 some point? or extra skillpoint lvl 10 needed?
  14. thank you! and yes we are just slaves for lab and dungeon and can walk betweeen ayvondil and lab.... so annoying i stopped helping solod bosses....but one player even if 4 lvl lower and lvl 17 weapon half as amped as my lvl 19 arena (+ they can steal already... necro is slow in using skills and weak....and i stopped playing him now i have lvl 9 shaman for solo bosses where no one shows up.....maybe some time i buy a rogue for that money.... necro died and pls if you don´t give any useful skill...make it possible to delete old expert skilll...not only that first one is totaly useless....but because i bought and tried it out when update came... i cant use others without lvling up and that really sucks!! because quest is hell of boringness
  15. actually all classes kill me like this... only pala i can stun if there is a big map to run for me without mobs.... just retarded and you know what your sudden death at half life bug is??? propably passive skill some of you devs playing elfs have put in
  16. DEVS BALANCE THE GAME! my necro has +8 luck enchanted lvl 19 arena staff full luck enchanted gt...+8 to +9 and a bd can kill me in one combo without me beeing able to sun when trapped in his combo last duel we started when he was half life and gg hitting him and i survived with 80 hp although i started with full hp you get it?? there is no chance and so no purpose in pvp like this.... even if he would be+10 a combo taking 2800 life plus my shied.... i mean come on....and if i make it to stun him he has shield and i harm my self when putting shield on without damaging him its just rediculous obviously unbalanced shit you made here
  17. thats why i gave up on ayvondil...did till termitary easy and then i thought: duck this shit you look for party for 1h ...and get shot but broken equip... i made lvl 9 char and get 1-2 drops each 3rd boss kill so concept isnt verywhere the same! highlvl on ayvondil only goes with mcoins and tons of time to waste.... and besides new map is more running from place to place then farming...and also lvl cap increase each 2-4 months now??? no chance to keep up without wasting 50-100 dollars a month...and even then you need be happy if your weapon is +8 and keeps up with mobs dmg until next update (strapas etc) many new low lvl chars nowadays xD
  18. thanks! i got it by now do you now max mana regen for lvl 10 shaman? and how high is unity sign droprate at lvl 10 boss?
  19. is it given at quests? someone remember what lvl? i so need this cloak
  20. hi, as stated above i want to now how to get on lvl 10 blue equip ( as cloak of necrophyte) i get lvl 9 rare drops (purple) by pointy and dd but where i get this lvl 10 blue stuff? any idea ?
  21. haha mc not only get killed by elf but by mc also xD wow
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