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  1. This update worst one so far :facepalm: +10 shaman 390+damage and 300++ heal with 40energy regen?
  2. Penetration is pretty useless... You should go for the mace, it has bigger base damage and raises your heal
  3. Its 100% about players luck...One day i opened 200caskets without getting any skin/costume etc. Just cheap crap. Other day i opened 6x and got ice warrior...
  4. Maybe dragon charmer or vampire :blush:
  5. These requirements wont happen since the level 4 guild skills allready cost about 600k gp to study, even to level 1... This could be good idea, but not with that high percentage of guild points added. Imagine if it stacks with potion, 350% (if great u.pot) more of every guest, that would be sick
  6. In my opinion... Druid is the strongest 1v1 class in the whole game :blush: And very good class at 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 allso
  7. No en ;D Kyllä ja kaikki muut accountit (varmaa 6kpl :blush: )Sekä puhelin on blockissa et ei pysty sillä ollenkaa pelaamaa, mut tabletil pystyy jos tekis uuen accountin ;D
  8. Tulisin mut necrolla vissiin perma bännit ;D Kysyin supportista nii syynä: selling and trading accounts, sekä making and using more than 2 accounts... Tolla logiikalla pitäs bännii puolet pelaajista... Ei perkele ;D
  9. So +10 priest/necro will be able to heal 1k without crit heal? ;D
  10. Yes it increases, ill add it later to guide Ok, i remembered it did (was long time ago when used more than lv1 deathly eye) ;D Thx :give_rose:
  11. Updated. I will edit this later more, when got time ;D Can add images only to end... shitty tablet ;D
  12. Necro updated :blush: Pvp/everyday set
  13. Sell in Eu-emerald mc side. Pm me here or in game, nick necroh :drinks: Jakkar skinner 400k Black-soul jakkar 400k Sold Pumpkinhead jack 250k Sold
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