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  1. Al leer esto me dan ganas de volver a jugar... @Akasha le has enseñado español a Peter?
  2. The new background of the chat's are so many blue :! I think the old one was better... (Like transparent)
  3. Not announced update in info of server Br-Tourmaline before servers shut down.
  4. Me and my pt die again at DG by "Massive Lag"... We waste time and seeker
  5. Many players are wasting stamima cause "Update" when we are inside the dg, And now we waste another stam again but now the cause was the "lag" to all players. (Server Br-Tourmaline) Please fix the problem, I hope we can get free seeker as a gift... (Waste of time) Sorry for my bad english.
  6. Hello! I have just one question, How to report someone who breacks the rules of the EULA?
  7. - the work of character's aggression when mobs are spawning was improved: now, new mobs will first attack a character who has the largest aggression. Well, i think now finally we can farm. Nice work devolopers
  8. Nice wlock and yeah maybe i can find one partner to do some wars at 2v2 cya in test server
  9. Sup guys! In this video i do arena with some friends, i know i'm not the best doing arena but, i like this video. I hope you like
  10. That moment when you do 50 dungeons to drop just one [Ethereal Essence]... Yeah i know thats hurts..

  11. That moment when you do 50 dungeons to drop one [Ethereal Essence]... Yeah i know thats hurts...

  12. Wiggle wiggle wiggle... Tu tu tu tu tutu 35 dungeons done and just drop one Ethereal Catalyst And the guys from my server think im lucky person... Pff Where is my luck guys?
  13. Hello LaOnza, i think i can tell you the names. The names of the characters was: Soullfox Hos Kinacapao Volldemort Dank
  14. I never said i won that pvp lol and yeah maybe rangers worst class now. But thanks for you opinion.
  15. Dear Gm, Admin "Chanse of drop is doubled" But, I waste like 6h of my life to done x20 dungeons (Without stop) and i dont drop weapons or craft items... Just deff spheres.. Damn bro Really i have so BAD luck? I think is better delete this account or something
  16. I think this gif are fun And yeah bd with ferocity now are more dangerous but i love more the necro for pvp (My opinion)
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