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  1. Koi khelta hai abhi bhi?
  2. If you are talking about EU-Emerald then know 1 thing, wars are always sold on legion side to give away for the sentinels to win.
  3. Only if Donald Trump owned Warspear, it would be More Fun.
  4. Fighting on the Land everytime seems boring now. How about exploring the Deep Oceans of the Arinar? Getting involved into: Swimming in Water Shipbuilding Cargo Ships Navy Ships Naval Battles Fulfilling Logistics Missions Hunting Pirates Exploring Resources Inventing Weaponry Can the Developers add these stuff into the Game? Tell Me your opinions. Edit: I removed the statement stating about increasing the max level cap in game, as it would make up for a different post topic altogether.
  5. Buy: From NPCs Sell: To NPCs Exchange: With PCs
  6. guys, why y'all compare locks and mages , to druids about their health, I'm talking about giving one one basic skill for lock and make, by replacing one of their basic skils, which will heal their energy, not health
  7. maybe I ask GMs to change those bows and skins into staffs and skins, Hehe I'll earn more then
  8. maybe I ask GMs to change those bows and skins into staffs and skins, Hehe I'll earn more then
  9. If this is what event bows go up to 600k, take a look at my bag and what I got,
  10. Can't you make out time for any ONE day, to spend 8hrs to level up, like weekends, holidays,etc? Come on man!!
  11. Well, Lvl 7 Barbarian was the most far I could go on a Russian server, By the way, I played all servers, RU-Amber,Ruby,Topaz, There was Vietnamese server, named VN, but due to low players, the server was deleted, played Br-Tourmaline also,but I came to know that most Brazilians and Portuguese don't play there, only those who don't know English, Then comes the US-Sapphire, though English speakers, not many Americans there as per the name, and so....... THE BEST SERVER IN THIS GAME, IS EU-EMERALD, Though by it's name, it's for Europeans, players from all nations, different languages play in this one server, So it's become the International server, Players from all time zones play this game, Its not boring as US-Sapphire and other servers and, always special and great goes on here, it has a great community, and prices of items are very cheap here, so it's the best server in WARSPEAR ONLINE!!
  12. Well you just need "TIME", not "MONEY", and what is bad to play for 8hrs continuously for Leveling up up to level 13, then you can relax and take this game easy!!
  13. wtf? does it take a week for U to lvl 1-12, I can do lvl 1-12 in just 8hrs, it's so easy, ignore wchat,avoid shops and and dealer, only buy 7lvl won while lvling up, once U finish a quest, don't idle in camp and waste time, complete each and every quest that U get, try doing triple combo or more quests In a particular area, leave dg and boss quest, for mini boss, 2ppl can do easily, do quick every like me, and U will get lvl1-12 in 8hrs, lvl 12-17 1day, lvl 18-22, 4days, lvl 22-28 week boom you are done!!
  14. sorry, but warlocks and mages shud have Energy Healing Basic Skill!!
  15. Awesome post, I want you to add more in pets like you can ride on animals like horses, dragons,etc and well I disagree with minor buffs and let's keep personal housing and guild castle separate, potions unless that are used for ap, gp, exp, alchemy of potions shud be easier than crafting other equips, bcus they r not permanent, and fishing? add mines, where ppl mine minerals, jobs where ppl go daily, which include servicing in game people(npc) and servicing other players, eg: becoming police in legion side patrolling Irselnort legion side, catching sentinels who trespass and kill them, put scammers in game jail for a set duration, and get paid for all this by game npc, government of Legion and Sentinel, which will be subdivided in Factional Federational power, like managing matters in the alliance, have military of both alliances , first take army, we have commanders, chiefs, generals, appointed, promoted, positioned by performance in wars, killing enemy faction ppl, and getting paid by npc regularly, sorry no taxes, bcus there is no generative source for earning gold like in Clash of Clans, Well look the Planet Arinar, Many islands are known till date, but many landmasses are unknown and yet to be discovered and are secret till date, but what? There's many vast portions of Oceans on the Planet Arinar, yea that's what I'm talking about, Our own ships on which we can travel, adventure, explore new places, massive naval wars, guns cannons loaded on ships , new strategies in war, like fighting in oceans or attaking kamp gashphell through sea during war, what now, airforce also? make ppl sit on dragons , unicorns and make them fight each other through mounted ranged weapons on them, new strategies during war,air fighting and bombing roles, it will all be awesome, hope you guys and game developers like my Ideas, and sure, tomorrow I will come with more ideas dealing with character fighting moves,skills...later guys!!
  16. fuxck this whole idea, let the prices be same for everyone, just for lvl4-6 the costumes be 1k ap, idk if GM implement it
  17. Its not balanced lol, Blade Dancers already overpowered!!
  18. So give Sentinels usage of daggers and Legions usage of Bows/Cbows, Make Daggers Faster like 1.3-1.7sec for one hit, it will increase it's importance...!!
  19. All Casters (Shaman/Necromancer/Druid/Priest) have their weakness in cloth armor and are balanced with Health Healing Skills , except for Warlocks and Mages. When the New Classes Warlock and Mage, were released, they we're high on attack power which balanced their lack of health healing skill, but later ppls started complaining GMs on forum about those classes, so, later gradually they needed to decrease their power. So now, Warlocks and Mages , with cloth armor and Health Healing Skills, have made them supportive and then the weakest classes of the game. They are not invited in parties dgs, labys, bosses hunt, Raids, etc unless the warlock/mage is op and high lvl, so they have been left out weakest classes in the game. So what about giving Warlock and Mage class Basic Skills that Heal your "Energy" not "Health", so that will increase it's supportiveness many times, and it will be useful class like other casters. Players will go nuts on them, and It will get it's importance in other classes..... Hope you like my Idea, and may GMs Implement this in one of the upcoming updates, Thank You
  20. Well, Bows/Crossbow Can only be used By the class Ranger in Warspear. But, It's unfair that Sentinel side only has That weapon using class, Give the usage of Bows/Crossbows to any one Class in Legion side. While getting drops from dgs and bosses, Bows/Crossbows are meant to be got by Sentinels only, then why Legions get? The Crossbow/Bow drop goes waste decreasing drop change, like if chance for Sentinels is 100% then for Legions is 90%, wtf?,Legions also need Bows/Crossbows and then this weapon type can be sold and traded to other players without waste..... Hope GMs get the Idea, Implement this in one of the upcoming updates, It needs to be balanced!!
  21. As U pointed out crimson corundum, only pvp quests have cc reward which rarely come out in events and ghost village is dead now, so need new more productive ways to earn gold like quests in ayvondil and Irselnort and Norlant Swamps, For Ayvondil, it shud be like 40-70cc reward per quest
  22. Miss You Roland, Hello Maria, can you change your profile picture?!
  23. well, I've got a creative idea now, that no one has done before!! well I first try it
  24. Well what doesn't meet the requirements? Can you explain?
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