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  1. Counciler

    US Drama

    Also tenxgun owner lazy so his acc being used by someone else
  2. Counciler

    US Drama

    Guess u missed the whole 24/7 thing
  3. Counciler

    US Drama

    Lol that doesn't show multi can only see one acc,
  4. Counciler

    update bug

    Or get an android cause android is 100x better
  5. i heard he flirted with @Reivenorik and things went sour, so putang had to change his forum acc details to new one
  6. @Reivenorik welcome :P think u should share some of those skylore secrets :3 like is it ws before the great war ? Just after the great war, or years after we find the time relic possibly in t5 release ? Or the release date :'( or some info for us English speaking players who have to ss everything and use translate to find out info from vk and Russian forum :(
  7. awhhh slug needs drop
  8. So the beast can be slain now with some to great effort, I heard it drops rings amulet %, but I seen costume in a utube video and I wanna know what is all the swamp slugs drops if any one like @Daria can help with this :P
  9. Passing on the whole 6 accounts thing this is further evidence against these Chinese players multi logging for afk spams which have gone on for 36hrs now, I know its possible for someone to last 36hrs no sleep but for 6-9 individuals to all be awake for 36hrs to spam on a game and all log off and on at the same time exactly, which they off n on every 10-15mins makes it highly unlikely that they ain't multi loggers, I'm putting this here for the support team, in which I have sent some evidence already just thought would add the rest.
  10. Mana regen is awful use seeker and you will see regen is 6secs and 5th skill is 4mana every 2 sec....... but they draining mana with skills now its like I use 2-3 skills with 5th skill active and I have 0mana like...
  11. @Daria unsure if first reply failed to send but I dont see no rifts at new castles Nvm reply didn't show originally
  12. @Daria I don't see no rifts at new castles ? You need rifts get stuff upgrade castle
  13. Noone else think 15% cd from guild is a little bit too high ? Some druids can cycle at 20% so I imagine we gonna see some druids hit 50% cd now
  14. Jail was epic I remember first day all mc and elf fight to try get boss farm, we need that for hween :'(
  15. if u remember before it used to be a quest where people would fight for boss and it brought some fun to the game, and spirit hydra is there atm
  16. I think gm should bring back some of old bosses like joker or raven or demonologist for the events, like one of the big bosses to farm, instead or as well as event raid boss, people afk and you see many who have logged multiple chars get drops on +1-4 chars as they multi log, I think there should be some effort to get a drop instead lazy in event and having the raid boss being forgot after 1-2 weeks, so this Halloween (ik its far) would be nice if gm would return some of old boss for chance drop some of their old items or new, anyone else agree ? I know there are raid bosses like lvl6-26 but they all drop same and get ignored too, serpent always drop xD.
  17. Is there chance to increase stun time somewhat as 2s does not cover the 4-5s of armistace making it near useless, or have a new activation for the stun ?
  18. The new relic is supposed to heal 10% of dmg taken, I did on low mob where u should get 1hp :( but instead no heal, and with larger mobs same result just I die quicker @Daria
  19. @Daria is possible to consider change event with shadowing so that mob cannot be damaged by players, as many trolls kill and ruin event for rest
  20. 140 could be just unlucky if ur trying +10, can be expensive amping
  21. Also @Jessie I reported 2-3 weeks ago to you and your response was you are aware of the problem and ur trying to solve, no link provided, I took link from friend who also messaged u
  22. I can send ss to support of results rather than here if I can please, or direct to u if required, And other guy who ask what the links are, they are there for test speed
  23. This is kinda like when you read in your terms and conditions and see something like, you are above the age of (said age) or you are mentally sane, they don't enforce the rule but if it comes an issue then someone reports it to staff and they sort it, for example Facebook users must be 13+ if they lied about their age you can report the account as being someone underage, and then they must provide proof they are over the said age to gain access to their account. This swearing in game we have a profanity filter, if you are being bullied so much you feel you need gm, or they offended putin, then report them, but don't need an active sorta police
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