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  1. Bruh druids r trash😂, castle buffs just need to be removed from arena period
  2. Yeah all the buffs from castle shouldn’t be in arena,shamans just run across the whole map and full hp,bad enough my mana runs out and i have 12books to top it off
  3. 😩 tired of shamans im +10 full greatness ranger with 40% pene with buffs and still manage to do about 600-700dmg to these shamans while they are healing 1k+ its not even close enough damage to kill them they just run across whole map and they instantly have full hp,and it dont help that power shot cd is 10seconds now and bow is 3.3now,how can we do anything...better to remove castle buffs from arena only would be nice if we just use regular buffs from mccoin shop....🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. putang

    im new🤭

    lol gay bro🤭 i dont flirt
  5. been playin since before 2012 and my first time to win or try
  6. putang

    im new🤭

    na idk i havent been on forum sinve like 2012🤭
  7. putang

    im new🤭

    new to forum again, lost old acc but im here🤭
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