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  1. Yeeeaaa! got my vote,but i dont belive the devs will give 10k to all faction members who won le war
  2. Im selling a elf hater detecter PM ME
  3. These rooms must have chests Yeeeaa!
  4. Do you mean my favorite smiley in this forum Well,i like this the most What is the point of this topic?
  5. That eight resting on its back is-INFINITY I just dont know how to do that INFINITY sign
  6. I regret choosing a wrong reward in swamps I would have got a SD weapon That is worth alot. Do you do swamps quests daily?
  7. This is a treating topic...That guy will make an elf and mc Anyways.... I WILL GIVE YOU SPAGHETTI OR ANY FOOD YOU LIKE
  8. I have berengar batons for you When i am rich, But now,ill just buy 40 altgard porters. 4 youuuuuuuuuu.....
  9. The Ranmage


    Ok Down with the spoiler shits
  10. Hey,hey hey.... You meant mage,right? I love being a mage
  11. Alatiir and Ezio,mainly Ezio Android,apple,windows or symbian?
  12. I stole them again.ELFS GOT DA COOKIES!
  13. Check out this calculator!click on the weapons,select axe,and see yourself http://ws-db.ru/calc.php What do you think about the calculator?
  14. Where to find a version for mac,i want to install ws on mac,but i didint find a mac version of downloading. Can someone tell me how and where to get one?
  15. The Ranmage


    Ok,time to move to the russian server,are there more wars?
  16. You CHoose the elven side,we have cookies
  17. How to avoid your pvp problems,All the necros who are angry beacause of the hp drain,here is a secret for you [/size]
  18. I dont know... What is your favorite weapon in-game?
  19. A loud whisper for you.This is a secret what makes every rogue good.This isint a endless line of spoilers.
  20. You know how to play as a necro Why should i put a person who knows how to play as a necro in a crying potato bag? Ty for the correct by the way
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