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    wa putza, acum am vazut si mesajul.. NU EU SUNT CROMATICO, eu am alte conturi in joc. Cromatico ala imi e prieten si zice ca tu l-ai hackuit aici: forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=80915.75 si in joc
  2. Ciprian


    how its possible to be charged and you say you dont find my payment in database? I recived ' the transaction has failled because you send an invalid sms. You are charged with 3.00€ for each sms send to this number' P.s sorry for starting a new topic but you blocked my previous one.. P.S.S Could you please check again?
  3. Ciprian


    you hacked cromatico/ i-ai dat teapa lui Cromatico si mai intrebi de ce ai ban? :))
  4. hy. I wanted to buy some miracle coins for my char but from a mistake i sended a empty sms to 1304. How can this be solved? P.S. Reply to my ticket
  5. for 1v1 necro,druid and ranger from ranged classes
  6. Mason Moore, i want see that video
  7. Born identities, listen to him. He know what he's saying
  8. well druid is very easy to lvl. I think you can get lvl 20 in 2-3 days Make what you feel you need. . .
  9. i dont think either that mages are strong
  10. sorry man, but then i wasnt able to say a few words for each class because the lack of time. . .
  11. ti-a furat contul? :D :D :D
  12. Top: 1. Ranger 2. Druid (or Shaman) 3. Shaman (or Druid) 4. Necromancer ( but i would place it in top3 ) 5. Warlock 6. Mage
  13. so druid has more votes. . . Druid>Shaman/Druid
  14. max your quake/blind. That will keeps bd far
  15. i like this argue cuz it helps pick a char :]]
  16. Salutare. Am intrat si eu la joc. Am rogue pe Emerald: Szmoke dar e slabut.. Care imi da un cont, va rog? :P :)
  17. tips/tricks and a guide for shaman? :)
  18. make rogue or dk/bd or shaman. Truste me, theese are the best classes
  19. i think im going to choose shaman :D
  20. they should upload updated version on site so peoples download it. duck store. It always must to wait aproval. Just put it on website. Who want to play it to download it from web.
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