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  1. i found it funny in tp videos no barbs usually play dg was build for tanks not for dmg..let bds sit this one out..permanently..and maybe even the later ones from henceforth
  2. shaman got an amazing pve skill and they complain sigh...more hp = easier to tank do you not understand?
  3. I dont need recognition for a fight against someone who cant play dk XD i started this post with a point, not for the need of commendation. the fact that dopknight was in my point is there...the funny thing is... his dg running friends one of which cant play sham properly is defending him...not even dop himself... Have you seen the excuses they put for him? 'level 8 guild buffs' 'pve build' like dude..i honestly dont give a shit..just know that he is shit
  4. yes i said i had lag it seems... you make up so much shit, its not even funny you cant play shaman ..the only reason you defend him is because you need a good party to do anything productive in game learn to play and learn who your friends are...pathetic almost feel sorry for the likes of you and negativism
  5. firstly ask him..dont make accusations without askin him secondly kpat died at bird because she rushed..dop wasnt there thirdly..he asked for the pvp not me dont talk from your arse..god worst shaman ive pvpd
  6. Wchat's like: stuns is better than dop Killing gariel for questor Dop's like... Let's go Im like.. I might lose but sure He dies... And admits to a loss.. Ok Second time we fight I was killing bird because Dop's pt died.. He gets pissed.. Asks for a pvp.. Still doesn't win What do you want from me xD
  7. Yes.. When he calls me to pvp I'm the bad guy
  8. Lolz... Test server, lock? Did xD Easy stun lock Wonder why people get mad and then say i take the game serious Ahh i remember... Good Ol Dop 'Mailli noob keep running' I kept distance when he used silence (Thanks gladi) Our last pvp: he ran from t4 bridge to the farthest left npc xD 'Mailli noob stop cheating' I stacked silence.. Fine Our last pvp: he stacked i didn't, funny Atleast when you be a hypocrite... Skill properly xD
  9. And yes.. I visit the forums to make my class better... Thats what the game forums are for. And again.. I don't need to prove how good i amp your buddy dop still couldn't beat me :3
  10. Lmao dude.. You defend a guy who lost to a lower amp... I ask for a class buff not a 'nerf this' 'nerf that'... I don't need to prove how bad dop is... The rest of mcs know xD Since you went to the personal level.. Atleast i don't play ws at my local Job 24x7 coming back home to spam a dg with a high amp noob. Cheers loser kys
  11. This update was good.. All in all Tanks can tank now I don't die instantly because of +10 bds camping t4 statue.. Life's good
  12. since damage was reduced on dk new skill could you please buff base def? a little more than 200 def at level 1/4 on 5k a small buff on def added per level would be appriciated
  13. learn to play mage..they've become good now..to a scary extent
  14. any mc who's dont it was due to a bug* corrcetion required
  15. he's explained why the skill is garbage when it comes to arenas and player combat i sacrifice sp on that shit to make it useful losing stuns in pve hurricane and satu are in main demand because most dgs contain high mob quantity, pumping a straight dmg skill wont suffice why are bds complaining? a tank class lost its 2k per hit damage output
  16. Silence at 4/4 and aura 4/4...if you think it's op.. Lets pvp.. @Higgins Pve wise it doesn't need a nerf eh?
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