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  1. VrockS

    GP Machine!

    25/8, Ultra Super Androhumonoid "Warspear" Powered Robots
  2. Change my name to "✌RoCkS " (Remove Quotation marks)
  3. Pliskin Tpain Xxpinoyxx Ambriel Hamstring Axekillz Yins
  4. Oracles Xrun*****x Balthizzar Sharpheals Priestking
  5. R0land/Peter_Munk,Please tell usel we'll get our stam back? And Thanks because in first stam i got Ethereal Essence
  6. Congrats for the winners! And look some Russian guilds has done twice gp then others And lol,Yes Mcoins? Or you wanted to say Guild points?
  7. At last i would like to show one more bug i have faced .It mixes up screen and makes colored squares like shown in picture below.But it fixes itself when you leave that area. Not edited
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