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  1. You disagree in most topics, but please notice the fact that simple "disagree" without any argument is worthless.
  2. All this topic sound interesting and it have more pros then cons but... The worst thing about this new idea is that people will try to farm it. It isn't so hard to get 5 friends and kill them all the time (they will respawn and come again) so it will be broken this way. Implementing something like you can't kill the same person twice until ~10 min elapse will be hard to make and in fact players will find other way to farm those "ears/heads" of opponents. But except that, the whole idea will bring some action into warspear life, more wars sound good even if there will be a lot of +10 overampe
  3. In fact it's interesting; why they can't make sms +50% bonus. I know that they don't get same amount of money from sms payment like from paypal etc. But the thing is a lot of people use sms. Amount of people buying mc with sms during bonus would replenish this missing money. Even if it isn't as much profitable as other payment methods you devs should think about players and they're expectations.
  4. Ok my bad, so it's just a mistake witch patch.
  5. You just won few fight lol; it's the reason for making thread? 4 fights doesn't prove anything.
  6. They just have changed it since "magic power/defence" update. I'm not sure it's bug or not, maybe that's just buff?
  7. Us-Sapphire Mc side I want to sell or trade this amulet, pm me in game (Trizzz) or at forum.
  8. US sapphire, mc; If you have miracle coins for sale pm me* - I buy as much as u have. *you already have mcoins on your account and buy items which I will want to, then we trade normally. // pm me in-game: Trizzz
  9. The bad this about this maintenance is that there won't be repair scroll discount; price stay high. :bad:
  10. It would be better if there will be for example quest: and u need to kill 1000 elfs to get something. Every time you kill an elf u get his ears so it's 1[...]/1000 but without clicking on his body and get this "item", also it can be iritating if half of your bag will be filled 'elf ears'. So it should be something like daily quests which we have now, but more elfs/mcs required to kill.
  11. Of course it is random I just said ~uses of skill put effect.
  12. As a necro i lose ~250hp each ~6 secs (heal+shield) to protect my teammates; stop crying that u will kill yourself, because previously enemy will die cuz of your high dmg with this weapon.
  13. Nope, u can put deathly eye effect after ~ 1 max 5 use of skill on boss.
  14. So u say that necro can use potions at arena? Or other classes can use potions at all? Think for a little; u can combine this 'cursed weapon' with life steal ring/amulets/capes.
  15. Trizzz


    yes, I mean it will stay the same when u "touch" if u connect keyboard or pad it will work like on pc then.
  16. wrong, wrong and again wrong; but everyone build his necro as he want to.
  17. Trizzz


    on touch it can stay the same.
  18. lol if you have 1 point in poison spittle don't cry that necro have low dmg.
  19. Use 2x deathly eye and then poison spittle and you will see how much dmg necro can deal.
  20. Why u guys complain about this as it weapon with which u will die in few secs? Necro sacrify his hp all the time and I can tell u that im not dying because i loose 124 each cast bone shield or ancient seal. I think that weapon could be interesting, because there will be more options to setup and more tactics to think about.
  21. Co do staffa ciężko powiedzieć jaką ma wartość: jest warty tyle ile ktoś za niego da, a to zależy ile jest ich na serwerze. Jest on lepszy od doom'a ale tutaj należy sobie postawić pytanie czy warto zapłacić aż tyle dla tej trochę większej wartości magic power.
  22. Trizzz

    Healing zone

    sure, and that's what people do, but nothing wrong would be in healing area only near statue (not all town). people will still use food when doing quests etc.
  23. In fact they could add one skill so battles will be more versatile, especially when they changed astral and dmg into one magic power. But new skills need to be defensive. Why? Because if there will be another damaging skill pvp battles will be shorter; pvp need to be longer to be more engrossing it's better when it takes some time to kill someone, instead of land combo in 1 sec Any type of defensive skill (even passive with active function etc) will be good to overthrow old meta.
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