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  1. Not that I know of iv linked items lots to ppl in past only other thing I did was add emoji to end of message I added ( ✊ )
  2. Iv not used special symbols only linked gloves to friend I got from lake :(
  3. sherbetdip


    Dont die then simples
  4. Why is it lots of ppl git same problems ?? Last penny I spend on this game trust me
  5. sherbetdip


    Why am I chat blocked ??
  6. Does that mean I'm going to lose my minion again ??
  7. Wheres my minions gone and who keeps deleting my posts u reset servers my minions vanished :(
  8. Fix the fact my young witch minion been removed with 3hrs remaining on clock after ur stupid server reset
  9. Omfg the time is 15:17gmt funny hr long update :'(
  10. Why cant I connect to server ?? I'm using HTC one using WiFi and 4g :( not happy
  11. Im not the only person to lose items wen using signs :(
  12. Why is it my helmet broke and I lost it using sign of imperishability ?? It's the 3rd time it's happened now I getting rather annoyed since buying the helmet for 15000 gold from 2nd hand traders :(
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