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  1. Good to know, this feature would be very useful thank you for your reply.
  2. I would like to mention that MC's side is having it harder in dungeon about items drops since they can drop equips that will never be usefull to them like crossbows or bows. It's just useless as you can't use them nor sell them to anyone but meanwhile elves side can sell or use any equips they get. I would suggest you game developpers to change it as soon as you can as it can be really embarassing, especially for MC's.
  3. Hello, Is there a way to recover my account who got stolen? PS: I have proofs that I was the owner Thank you for reading and answering me
  4. Hello, I was wondering why warspear is not released on linux ubunu operating system. I've already downloaded the lastest version of the game but unfortunatly nothing happened, it's still v.3.10 is that normal ? are you still working on it?
  5. wow we can get ban for 1year :shok: :shok:
  6. Oui, il y a la guilde XxFrancexX.
  7. Hello, Can I play Warspear online on linux ubuntu?
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