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  1. Im not fake. Shane is my luv :( here look at my facebook and add me as friend. Ask me if shane schmidt or zythus is my boyfriend. He is on my relationship status too. Facebook.com/MidoriTran You zhurunghu u have bf in real? Why steal my boyfriend? U desperate? Or u use him for money to buy u items? U are really bad u steal my boyfriend!
  2. My boyfriend is Shane Schmidt. His char name Zythus Nightbell l Silentsnow and koluza. I see on his forum profile has zhuronghu call him babe. Stealer boyfriend girl. :(
  3. Hello guys. I dont have any idea about this game and everything in it but a friend of mine tokd me that my boyfriend is cheating on me.. We have been together for a long time so I cant accept this.
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