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  1. Hello Everyone, My ranger banned lontime. My account has been blocked now for almost 4 years or so. Please devs unban me because I've never been banned before being temporarily banned directly for the first time and forever. So no chance to understand that we should not do anything and just insulted the enemy and the Word tchat Honestly, I'm ready to do anything and never caused any problems, and even changed his name, make me breakfast and continued the adventure in compliance with all the rules of games. (I grew up since I am no longer a child to go insult other players). Please give me a second chance, unblock me. I made ​​you all my excuse, and everyone. With all my most respectful sincerity, Thank you for your help. P.S: name Ranger is Rangerweed (we sapphire).
  2. Hello Everyone, My ranger has been banned and i don't know why. I sent many mails to devs but no one replied. I'd like know why my account has blocked please. I love warspear alot. My account has been banned since almost 1 year for "no reason". Please devs unban me and just tell me why did get banned to i no longer reproduce errors. Thank you. P.S: Ranger name is Rangerweed (us-saphire).
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