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  1. Here some idea for the crafting system. Profession Mining Blacksmithing Skinning Leatherworking RuneMaker Enchanting Herbalist for Potion JewelCrafting For Diamant
  2. Why are you on thismgame forum if this game is suposed to be shit ? Xd
  3. Hey guys, anyone know a list of similar game to Warspear and World of Warcraft in the 2d style Game ?! Thanks
  4. Hey, i just post here to know if there is any French Guild on the Us- Sapphire Server ?! Salut, J'aimerais simplement savoir si il y a une guild francaise sur le serveur Us- SApphire ?! Thanks!
  5. Hi ! I suggest to improve the game version on Pc with a Fullscreen Option/ Resolution. Galdorg
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