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  1. nako

    Gold making guide

    yeah sure ๐Ÿ˜€, i invested almost 100m on craft system since i started till now. Nakox us sapphire.
  2. nako

    Gold making guide

    Be a professional craftor, then can get more gold by serve them craft anything they need. Profit depend on how service & trust you are ๐Ÿ˜„ Any comment please pm Nakox on US Sapphire :D
  3. :diablo: Why my symbian nokia e72 cant move cross the border or the line? Please kindly help check and fix it for me. it been like this many months already. Thanks. Nako
  4. :diablo: My hero lvl 20 can't log in the game. when i log in it always exit the game. I use symbian e72. Please kindly help fix it. Thanks. Nako
  5. why i can't sell or trade [Novice Barbarian's Outfit] ? My char already lvl 20 so i don't need it. i just want to sell for gold. everytime i try it always get dc. Please kindly help check and advice it for me. Many thanks. Nako.
  6. my phone e72, it works so bad, cant cross the line and hard to log in. mostly switch me off the game.
  7. Please kindly help check and fix the problem for Symbian. Nokia E72. I hardly cross the line, if i keep trying move to another place by crossing the line it always switch me off the game one more thing is it difficult to log in. So please kindly help fix it then i can complete my CL quest. Thanks.
  8. Why my gf's account can't log in, it always say incorrect login or password. GM please help my gf's to get her account back. :facepalm:
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