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  1. @Roland @Snorlax @Peter I just want to know something, It's about "new slots" for skills. //Let me know if you think to add new slots for skills//. well! latest update/patch,There was not slot to use "Pots of healing/energy" or other things we want to add in. Reading the text , on (News & Announcements), I saw that you think to add 2 new skills (I am speaking about Halloween).... And now what?... Just wondering what's gonna happen now... do you think to extend the slots? or general: "Are they going to extend the slots?"
  2. It should be changed only to improve what already exists.
  3. I do not see commitment in this game. there's not termination date of the update. the english used in the game and/or forum is very horrible (please if you wanna be globally recognized as a game, it should improve the english fluides on both sides (forum and game). this is based if you want to reach the "steam" platform.
  4. Hello there, dear players! Today 28/08/2014 at 13:00 CET game servers will be stopped due to the 4.2 update.Game will be unavailable for about 3 hours.We apologize for any inconvenience.Take care,AIGRIND team Four hours have passed until now, when it really was 3 hours.
  5. Please change my name to NerdGamer. update: thank you for changing my name.
  6. it happens cuz you tried to buy Miracle Coins via Freedom.apk. Simply go to the app and tap on STOP
  7. Error: 50% discount in the Miracle Shop all weekend! only this weekend 50% bonus with every Miracle Coins purchase* there is not 50% discount, only 50% + MC
  8. A mediocre game where the "top guild" win based in 5x5 on arena. Devs, you should improve the guild system, each passing day, many of our friends (old members) are leaving. the monotony bores, there will come a day when everyone is gone, serios, already bored, honestly, already bored this. I left time ago, for the same reasons and "fail updates" "bad/wrong patches". we want to see a different warspear, the guild's system changed or that changes 100%, not a guilds when the GP is based in 5x5 (winning party and losing party), a hard work and that arena not give GP.
  9. Pls delete this image or I'll report for Copyright http://www.liveforfilms.com/2011/01/19/doctor-who-riding-a-shark-geronimo/
  10. I noticed there are 2 kind of quests. 1. Collect 9 tise runes or 9 ail runes. I did this. 2. Collect 15 fire tail or 15 tourmalines. I dont know where to find the fire tail. which mob?
  11. Probably the account had already been banned before, and he wanted to recover the account with sending a support. that is why you got banned of.
  12. I prefer cdom, you will get more dmg.
  13. Most of older player have retired and It's normal, this game and tournaments are a fraude.
  14. Congratulations to the best quester guild from EU-Emerald "perfectElf" they really are very good for quester. In contrast, "AoA" claim to be the best, but really are cheaters. Yesterday perfectElf were winning by an advantage of 35k, then in the afternoon (hour of my country), AoA began to farm , they did 4 party of 5x5 and so was able to reach the top 1 (cheats). Twas the night (my country) and were still doing the same, 9 hours farming. This system must change, truly one tournament where the farm is accepted, no is tournament. PD: Arena is designed for mc/forsaken, the skills of them are light years more beyond than elfs on Arena. Hassn= Greedy.
  15. Hello, This is worst support and GMs I've seen in online games where I have played. I've little time (1 year ago) and during this time always see that promise things and do not meet properly. Recently , they told us: " We are glad to inform you, that starting from current tournament, all winners will be getting crimson corundums as a reward." 05, June 2014. The costume "Conspirator" was designed for tournaments #21 and 22 and the #23 would be CC (Crimson Corumdun), but what happened?, again we got the costume conspirator when only it was design for 21-22 and not for 23. Stupids, if you think to do something, do it well. I feel scammed, my guild feels scammed and disappointed, we got it 2 times the same suit/costume. Everything they say here, do not meet the terms and conditions. that is why these games as WarSpear are not so famous and the people leaves quickly
  16. Que idiotez es esto, poner que ambos bandos lo ganen, ese lugar es PvP, es que no digo, estos devs son idiotas.
  17. the most idiotic tournaments I've seen in an online game be here. an example: AoA, they are 24/7 afk in arena (all tournaments)(winning GP and being "tops" in 2x2 3x3 5x5) while others guild is doing HARD QUEST. Definitely, after AoA won I stopped playing forever. I go to a FPS game. I am tired of this. 21 tournaments and always win the same.
  18. :D :lol: AoA winning top based on just arena jjajajajaja, wow pro nice questers at this time , go to 5x5 and check for yourself. good luck :D
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