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  1. Yes , Merman event 1st stage need a fair rework
  2. If a chieftain enters inside the Merman gvg after event start with "Wolf Alacrity" buff , that buff will be removed automatically. This issue is already fixed with spring event and I dont know why people making useless topic for nerfing Chieftains more.... I hope the Merman gvg 1st will be like getting points only by killing the opponents and crown area must be re-worked like only commander can enter and take by fighting with opponent commander 1vs1 (Without any castle buff , war buff, pots , scroll and castle heal pot , If they used before it should be removed after
  3. Chieftain needs an aoe stun skill and the dps skill is worst with 20% speed. Resist skill is a joke with 6seconds duration , give us a 100% resist buff with the decent duration of time.
  4. Nerf Bd skill "Power of the blades" like 3x damage stack and bd should Re-use that skill like chieftains do to get the damage buff. When chieftains use 2x 1h maces , they should get both speed and pene buff as well as damage buff while they using 2h weapons.
  5. Remove the resist buff from bds rush skill or give the same resist mechanism for chieftians.
  6. You sound like keep arguing with me and not finding solution for the topic. I do use coins and my blades are +9 +10 no need to abuse me. I don't use rogue for pvp but they need a good solution and can nerf the kick skill if they bring back the old reflexes skill. That's the old mechanim which had been nerfed in few days
  7. Bd is a broken class and rogue is a balanced class ? People disagree about the negative accuracy of the kick skill and it can be nerfed. Sometimes rogues can't use that kick skill if enemy full controls you or he use resist to avoid it . So I suggest the old reflexes skill which will be a proper passive defence mechanism for rogues , that's my opinion.
  8. Rogues new Reflexes skill mechanism is bad. Even if a rogue lvl up that skill 4/4 , they are forced to put dodge Rune in rings and weapons. A max dodging rogue doesn't get a skill trigger by that skill everytime. So they are forced to put points in the skill Kick in the back. During war time , rogues can't depend on that skill kick in the back and they need a proper defence mechanism. Rogues still die fast with that reflexes skill and a bd have 2x 100% resist skills with good number of control skill (hamstring , sap and area stun). So I suggest rogue must have the same
  9. Paladins already have 2x heal with a combo heal on expert skill and they don't need a op shield which absorbs 4dd skills and several auto hits , even if the paladins HP had been reduced they can shield back fast and regain the full hp by those heal skills. No other mc classes have a shield like this. Even necros and priest skill are same which absorbs damage depends the points that we spend . Banner damage really isn't a nerf , they just changed from 4 yards to 3 yards. I wish shamans gets a shield like this hope they rework that Ancestors hand skill back same like paladins shield
  10. Paladins never lvl up any magical damage skill , that's why u see low damage on enemies. They all just follow the same build 4/4 sacred shield , 4/4 prayer etc. Paladins shield strike is same as Barb shield strike and no paladins puts the points on those and it stuns longer. Paladins shield can be re-worked like guild patron shield which absorbs 3-4k damage and if u compare a magical damage dk they sacrifice physical dmg skill for only 2 magical damage expert skills. It's a same thing that you need to sacrifice some skills depends on your build.
  11. When you use some skills like Berserk power (Barbarian) and Frenzy (Rogue) and it says every in-coming damage has been increase by some certain % and u will like to use it? A Blade dancer can kill those classes faster with 160% more Common hit damage. So the blade dancers can hit those 50% Resilience Barb or rouge like 1.5k+ damage easily and a Paladin can provide him shield 24/7. I have huge doubt among all the elf classes shield mechanism. A Bd can use his shield skill + paladins shield + priest shield on himself which can overlap and stack but when a sham use pull shield on some Rogue and a
  12. I wish there will be a rework for the skill Frenzy. That skill adds dmg buff to all elfs who hits the rogue with an useless criti buff.That skill must be same like rangers Point shooting skill which adds damage buff and accuracy buff
  13. All elf class have a better dmg skill than any other mc class. Stealth is like only one time use at arena unless can't gogue 2 or more players at the same time. It's hard to fight pala and thier sacred shield skill cd too fast so unfair. I suggest for rogues to give the auto hit dmg skill at frenzy instead of critical hit skill same like bd and seeker have.
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