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  1. This post gave me a real damn laugh ;D :lol: :rofl:
  2. Elf are destined to always guard their stairs, especially rangers. Cuz if they dont, they're newbies are doomed against Rogues.
  3. I always tell that x2 scout Gladius is a noob weapon without accuracy :lol:
  4. cigma

    Rogue stats xD

    Pënishole, us-sapphire , I've seen him going 595 damage on a mob. +10 blade +9 rondel. Idk if hes using ice queen though.
  5. Yeah the gay guilds are hiding at low level arenas. Pawning much noobs . :facepalm:
  6. A funny thing thinking themselves to be liked by others. They just want to join you for the reward, and not for the shitty shitty brotherhood. ;D
  7. cigma


    Okay okay lemme translate it : Scammer : You see? Scammed : the ? Scammer : gold 900k Scammed : I didn't see anything. Scammed : ok ok Scammed : Just no scam bro huh ? Scammer : 09077328338 Scammer : Yes sure no scam Scammed : Okay I'll load you just wait Scammed : hey ! -ignored you- Alight, I have generated some facts: 1. Its all your fault of trust. So dont cry to others. 2. Trading game items ( gold and stuffs ) for real money is illegall ingame ( Phone load is using real money ). 3. Posting this at forum while you're making an illegal trade is a "DEVS favorite". So good luck. ;D Its a PINOY language btw .
  8. My rogue can still crawl and pass that impossible stairs :spiteful:
  9. Once upon a time in a gloomy day of private chat. . . .
  10. Its normal. Nothing big really. But if its your achievement, go ahead :blush:
  11. The mixed class arena fight will take a long time queueing. Just move the desperate, GP-hungry guilds out of my world of fun random arena, and it'll be all fine now. 2v2 and 3v3 not the best for arena point hunters. And even at there, guilds are still crawling :facepalm: You won't enjoy a game if everybody is dominating you. Its not fun being an underdog. So fight fair. And everybody will become Xsjado. Happy :yahoo:
  12. :blush: Im not an expert on ranged class
  13. Nice going buddy. My tip : Help my necro done KRATT. Second tip : Dont use a weapon without accuracy, like scout Gladius. Unless you put all accuracy crystal to your gears. Third and last : Dont Speak non English at world chat. That's all ::)
  14. My lvl 14 NECRO in lvl 15-18 arena. But we still win. :dirol:
  15. Im in a DK section and a DK post, so I dont want to get kill joy here so, DK is better than rogue :crazy:
  16. Im experiencing this everytime on my necro, but, when your ranged character is walking to a bunch of mobs, you will surely hit one of them unintentionally. Making the mob agro. Plus, I see someone at kota, priest, I killed him using my rogue, but he uses revive scroll. But after revive, he accidentally hit a mob. So the Enemy Player Invulnerability buff is now gone, so i killed him again ;D
  17. - Quote by other player. You're probably taking a lot of criticals from enemy. Since enemy casters get their crit chance high too. Like druids with GT.
  18. cigma

    Highest Rogue Crits

    This is not fake. I see him crit 1.6k ( not at rabbit ) no stealth. Hes using combined RONDEL and Scout Gladius +10.
  19. Take a look at this : penetration = ignores enemy's defence. But if the enemy has no defence, like rabbit, penetration doesn't work. So basically, if your enemy's defence is lower than your penetration percent, the extra penetration is useless. Lets say, your basic damage is 300, a yellow coyote has 10% defence, and your penetration is 12%, the extra 2% has no effect, your basic damage will be dealt (300- no increase no reduction). PENETRATION DOESN'T INCREASE YOUR DAMAGE, as I said, it only ignores enemy's defence. So it creates an illusion that you're attack is increasing. So you should balance both critical and penetratio if you dont want to waste some fatal stats. Btw, critical strike is hard to achieve at arena, since many people uses full arena gears and thus prevents you from making criticals, making your strong stat not very usefull.
  20. You're probably using x2 Scout gladius and your gloves' crystal is penetration. Or maybe you're not wearing lvl 17 AZ carved signet ?
  21. Kw is the best for stats max accuracy, critical chance, and dodge. But kw lacks much defense versus arena set. So generally, if you're wearing all kw gears, you're probably very easy to be killed by casters. An expert told me to use both. Kw versus melee and arena gear for magic casters. Of course amping arena gear won't improve your defense against casters.
  22. :fool: :sorry: A shame this forum doesn't have cry emotion. Best regards buddy. I won't forget the one who always pm me when i on. Whatever your reason for leave, well, we're still friends though. Even I'll never see ya roaming around. Goodluck bro, Thanks for nice memories you gave at MC side. Btw, thanks for the BG boots too. :friends:
  23. Hello friend ! Yes, I've added him as friend to know his current level. And I dont wanna ignore him so everytime I see his name at world chat, Ill go shout too that hes a scammer . ::). And by the way, I've removed him at my friends list afterwards i saw his level.
  24. Now i need to wait so i can sell my current runes to its normal price :facepalm:
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