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  1. Ultimecias the best shaman in sapphire imo. i have yet to win a fight against her :give_rose: :good:
  2. tip 6. dont be a potter when finghtin 1vs1 tip 7. DONT beg for gold. go kill mobs or farm like everyone else :tease: tip 8. if ur an elf, make sure u clean ur long ears well so u can hear when a rouge is comin :rofl:
  3. lmao rapeme is funny. i always go for him first during war :lol:
  4. trixter, chronoz, afro, sonofgod, edgeshadow. some of the coolest ive seen :good:
  5. most common way of doin 1 vs 1 is by makin 2 pts of 3 and selectin 3vs3 in arena. or u can meet up at pvp cave(right of gg) if its against opposite faction :good:
  6. flamberg has accuracy falchion has parry rondel(dagger) has atk speed imo flamberg is the best one since it has the most useful attribute. parry is hard to get a good % with since the gears u can get "parry" stats from is very limited(especially for rouge) but i went for the dagger cuz its the fastest and goes well wit my all blue outfit ;)
  7. "war on nadir bridge, bring ur pots" :rofl: " trap here and lets camp" "pls help kill 1 mc" "i hate rogues" ;D "pls stop killin my elf"
  8. the strongest elves usually hang out at kamp riff. while mcs are all scattered around t4&5 ;D
  9. it depends on the gear and skill of the player imo. shaman has too many good skills while druids only have 3 (lightning, heal, root) so they tend to be easier to lvl up and conserve more mana on pvp.
  10. i walk around caravan and kill 20-30 elfs everyday when i get bored. if this happens ill be a rich man ;D
  11. i meant u should stay at lvl 10 if u know u can keep winning and earn points there so u get ur 5k APs faster
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