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  1. [spoiler=For ( ͡° ~°)pow-powley] I apologize if you didn't fully understand. The "But" word is a conjunction. Example: Nida tried but she failed..
  2. Not crying, but stating facts. But of course you won't figure this out.
  3. PS: I would like to create a video but my phone doesn't permit me. If something sounds Greek to you, I'll be happy to help. Just please point the specific. And by the way, there shouldn't be any spaces inside the quote code, except for the separation of name, link and date so be careful with that.
  4. I saw some of you guys here can't link a quote from a locked thread. Yes it's obviously utmost impossible because if a thread is locked, there is no "quote" button available. But yes, this is possible. This may be useful to prove that the quote is truly mentioned by someone, and has a link referenced to the original post. I'd like to share my knowledge. Note: Your forum time should be the same as your country's timeline. If you haven't set it yet, go to the navigation bar >> Profile >> Modify Profile >> Look and Layout . Then set the time offset to auto detect. Here are the steps: 1. Use the usual reply button at the bottom of the thread to . . well comment at the post you're about to reply. 2. We will type the quote codes manually, since it's unavailable. The code for quote is: [quote name="<Name>" post="867039" timestamp="1407239953"][/quote] 3. In a new tab, select the post you would like to link. in that case, I'll take an example of my post from a locked thread, Control Points. 4. Click the "RE:" as shown here : After that, you'll have the link at your address bar: Copy the highlighted text and now we have the If we're going to do what we have so far, we will have : [quote author=Cigma link=topic=112886.msg867039#msg867039][/quote] But that alone won't work. We still need to fill the so, 5. So as for the date, it is written in a Unix TIMESTAMP format. But that's easy, first we should get the date from the post. So, in my example the date and time of post is 05 August 2014, 19:59:13. We can convert it in Unix timestamp in www.epochconverter.comFrom there, we'll put the date we want to be converted. We should set the GMT to Local time. After clicking the human date to timestamp button, we will get te 10 digit number. 6. Assemble what we've done. I got mine as [quote author=Cigma link=topic=112886.msg867039#msg867039 date=1407239953][/quote] And that's it ! We now have correct quote with link from a locked topic. But please be careful not to use the power of quotes to bear false statements as Exsodus stated:
  5. I didn't fully understand what r0land meant here, but what I decipher is that the devs has just removed critical from jump. And this really made my day. So the devs are obviously buffing up the sentinels to the extent. Forsaken's map 1 is a nightmare, and their passive is a garbage 3 mana regen., giving another garbage expert skill, and then giving BDs a button to further annihilate all legion's casters. And nerfing rogue's jump. Then what's next? Oh well, I'll look unto this as "further game challenge for MCs". Since Sentinel's life are quite easier.
  6. If this skill works against casters, then damn, no logic at all. How the heck could a BD swing his weapons 5 yards away like Kratos? Now BDs can be called "One-man army". So I guess this is balanced at all.
  7. For dual wielders like BDs and Rogues, To clear any confusions about weapon combination DpS, Assuming our dexterity is 0, Lowest DpS rating Sword + Sword = lowest dps ~ Most of the swords can compliment BD's parry. 2 seconds every swing Medium DpS rating Dagger + dagger ~ highest speed, lowest damage mostly has the best stat like accuracy and critical. 1.7 seconds every swing. Axe + Sword ~ slow attacks with decent damage. 2.1 seconds every swing. Axe + Axe ~ highest damage one can receive. Most axes lack accuracy but almost always have penetration. 2.2 seconds every swing. *DpS of the aforementioned wields are utmost about the same. High DpS rating Sword + Dagger ~ All around, good damage, DpS and stats. 1.85 seconds every swing. Highest DpS rating Axe + Dagger ~ Best DpS, Nice stats, damage and speed slightly better than twin swords. 1.95 seconds every swing. Personal Preference : It's up to you what weapon combination suits your playstyle.
  8. cigma

    Rogue Skill

    I , too, never did achieve a crit from jump either; also tested many times on map 1 mobs and low level elves. US - Sapphire with a 28.8% chance. Multiple responses and testimonies from world chat and forum, I guess not a bad luck.
  9. cigma

    Rogue new skill

    Thanks for the clarification . I guess I'll be equipping full mana regen, except belt, before I purchase this nice skill. But in arena, I think it's either me or my enemies will be dead before I'll be able to re stealth xD
  10. Now, I don't wonder why your Post : Karma ratio is so damned. Ever wonder why?
  11. Well the new outfits . . . . .But I guess this is good. I have the option to transfigurate my BD to a rogue. like this one
  12. cigma

    Rogue new skill

    Wow. I guess this is a really nice skill. An AoE for rogue finally! But I have some questions in mind: 1. Worth upgrading than poisons? 2. Maximum targets are? 3. Damage and range vs Flurry of steel? 4. Individual crit? Or crit one crit all? 5. 1 throwing knife per cast? 6. For Sulla, what do you mean by longer re-stealth? I'm quite confused.
  13. Doctors become fighters. . . . hmmm, do you think doctors are injuring themselves while healing others? Can you please create a Necro before posting something irrelevant? Oh seriously I always see you as the "antagonist" of this forum. Always against others' ideas and trying to post your own senseless comments. You better halt your attitude, dude, or no one will love you. And about this game. Balance over realism - that's how an online game should work. Saying : "Hey Necro is a support, and should be the lowest tier of classes in game. And hey, they should lose HP when supporting because that's how a dead should behave", is a damm logic. Stop posting if you don't play Necro.
  14. I guess it's a jargon regarding to our psychiatric mentality that concurs and triggers our psychomotor intelligence. What's a better word concatenation of the sentence : It is not? a. It's not b. It isn't [spoiler=For Angelo]LoL bro, my apologies. I'm not used to see a date format of dd-mm-yyyy. So I thought the update will be on 10. But still I don't want it to be on Monday
  15. Angelo, so nope. But if you're saying if the update would be released tomorrow, still nope. Monday is a no. What are the best skills in the game? One being basic and other being expert.
  16. Please ignore these ignorants. They will just blink from afar just to post an argument or statement that will uplift themselves and will try to teach you how to play a class they never experienced.
  17. Negative real numbers don't have a square root. It will incur an error. And any real number divided by 0 is undefined. So math error here. What's the first thing you do in the morning?
  18. forsaken map 1 Crafty Mbusy and the one with an item [die] - longest quest ever with very little reward. But seriously, I like leopard murderer What is your best item drop so far?
  19. Hello! I am farming lvl9 gears using my lvl10 BD in Melvendil (Firstborn map 1) on bosses: Forsaken Commander(lvl9) and Undead Bear (lvl10). The devs said: but this seems to be false. I did get a drop from a lvl9 boss even I'm level 10; which seems to be a nice thing. I farm with my lvl10 druid on other device but not at party. During the first periods of my farming, I almost always get a drop from both bosses. But now, I hardly get a drop unlike the first time I've farm, even did I farmed the chosen's bosses, still no drop but def spheres. And therefore, I'd concluded some hypotheses regarding the drop chance of lvl9 gears. 1. Using certain skills may hinder the drop. ( My guildmates told me not to use sap nor insect swarm ) 2. The more drop you get, the lower the chances of the next drop. 3. Even if the drop is intended to yours, but there are lots of people in the boss' vicinity, there may be no drop for you. 4.The more skills you use, the lesser the drop chance. ( I increased my energy regen and so does increased my skill usage) 5. The stronger your equipped gears get, the less likely to get a drop. 6. There is an overall limit on how much drop there can be in a day or week for the whole faction. 7. There is a limit on how much an individual can acquire a drop within a day or week. Nos. 6 and 7, I guess because of what the devs said: These are just based on my assumptions and experiences. Please share your own knowledge. regarding this, if you do farm those lvl9 gears. Thanks!
  20. Wow bro, even though your statement is long, you still managed to write it in just one sentence. But seriously, devs made a "solution" in this kind of imbalances. Like in EU-emerald, they limited the number of elf players that can be created per certain amount of time. And yes, expect more people at elf side because elf quests are far more easier than other faction/s.
  21. Angelo, no. Let's you have 2 apples; now, what kind of angle is inscribed in a semicircle?
  22. Embryological evidence shows that the animal's background colour is black and the white stripes and bellies are just additions. Would you exchange a +10 staff for a selfie with Obama?
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