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  1. Hello Warspear people! Well, most should know how to build a good archer. But some people don't know how. For that reason I do this little guide for those new players. 1.- Always choose armor having HP= HEALTH POINTS. (don't worry, the armor you give away some quest). 2.-Assign your skill points: Lv1-8 : Lv. 5 POWERFUL skill. Lv 10-14: Lv 5 BLESSING skill. Lv 16-20: Lv 5 SCATTER SHOT skill. It is important to follow this order, Ranger needs good damage and HP. I think that the ability to "dogde" was never useless. This works great for those professional players, meaning that if you want this to work, you need to use equipment with "dogde" attributes (cape, rings, amulet, armor, boots, etc) And add "rune evasion" enchant anything. With this I assure good evasion, and don't forget to assign points to the "Dogde" skill to Lv5.
  2. I think if it were a little more defense would be great! Call it as an explosive dynamite.
  3. Sorry to duplicate the image #2 from mobile is a bit uncomfortable. :v
  4. Hello Warspear people! I'm back and promised I would do a new posting suggestions about PALADINs class. Well, but first I would like to clarify that I don't have nothing against the other factions. Also I think give some suggestions for other factions, but it will be another post. Well, this character is very good like all the other 11 characters. But it is very vulnerable to enemy at long range.So I would like to modify / improve this skill: FETTERS OF JUSTICE. Well, I'll let the pictures that explain accurately. Graphic-1: Skill in work. Graphic-2: Skill description. Before leaving I want to congratulate the 4 million Warspear players! Opinions, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
  5. Yeah, 4 stuns skills can stun a mage 100%, but what I want to achieve with the eclipse effect is to balance things up a bit. You know,Warlocks... they won all seasons Guild Tournaments
  6. Right. Yes if Mage "resist" first time, and other Warlocks throw more any type stuns/ Dark circle It will be just luck, chances to "resist", maximum 3 "resist" times.
  7. The eclipse works as "buff" = Blessing skill Ranger
  8. And finally last 2 pics. Thanks and sorry for large explain.
  9. Greetings to all especially to Warspear team Well, as the title says. Today I come to bring a couple of suggestions to improve some quality "Mages" As well we know the MAGE has been gradually forgotten, is the reason? Well let's say a (little) weak compared to WARLOCK. We know that the MAGE is the nemesis of WARLOCK, PRIEST with NECROMANCER, DK with PALADIN etc ... Well, Mages are responsible for making magic skill and Warlocks with spells skills So we can not ask that Mages have the ability to "stun" enemies, but we can ask that will improve the skills of magic with magicians. Overall wants two abilities are modified: Sun Armor and Illusory chains, as you will see below... -Graph #1 Shows battle mode as work "Sun Armor" skill. And within the image I have placed "3" subsections: Section no.1 show buff "eclipse" Section no.2 show buff "Sun armor" and no.3 this is effect "resist" from "eclipse". I guess the first "resist" work 100% The effects will be other chances as well as the "Blessing" skill Ranger, max 3 "resist". -Graph #2 shows the skill description. -Graph #3 shows the skill "Chains illusory" in work. -Graph #4 shows the skill description. Well, I end with this publication. Maybe I overdid something, any opinion, constructive criticism are always welcome. Ah! before I leave I want to announce that I will continue doing some more suggestions in this sector, will soon be coming... Suggestions for: PALADIN's class. PD: I would greatly appreciate receiving any vote/karma. C: PD: Graphics are well show down post...
  10. Gigabytes


    Bien por todos
  11. Hew! Well... Mcoins users may be millionaires since to night to day. Too bad I'm not one of them as my country can not buy coins, but no matter, still I have my weapons 6s 7s (hard to 8 out mcoins) .__.' Ah! I'm surprised that those who are fortunate enough to buy Mcoins have better things and not know how to play (0% brain) .____.?
  12. Not a bad idea But everything into WARSPEAR is delicately calculated They have been based primarily on short everything uncomplicated game, which is worth more here is the "strategy" from my point of view
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year WARSPEAR TEAM! Maybe not the first, but hopefully not be the last to congratulate Congratulations and ... keep walking forward
  14. Abandon battle within the battle?... I have a better idea: Unwrap "Arena Guilds" and " Arena Random"
  15. Does anyone know if "Dark caps" will go away after the event Horror Circus?
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