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  1. @Daria When will the game be released? 9h. maintenance
  2. When will the game be released? 9h. maintenance
  3. Hello Aigrind community I would like to ask for Bulgarian language in your forum and in the game. There are many Bulgarians who want to play the game but because of that can not I understand English language use Russian or consult the learned languages​​, to gain an idea of ​​the performance of their tasks, not only in the game and as well as in your forum. From where can I get the language files of the game to do a full translation and help your development? :search: From here you can download the language file for your forum: http://download.simplemachines.org/?smflanguages;lang=bulgarian
  4. where in the forum described the boss we hunt and what items they droped? :unknw:
  5. x7s


    Kinakell liar me !!!! Hello I am writing about rogue who misled me! My nickname is Gancsteraa from the pictures it becomes clear Photo-1 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-1_bmp9MOHxFb_thumbchence.bmp Photo-2 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-2_bmphVolUDp_thumbchence.bmp Photo-3 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-3_bmpFhhsNvZ_thumbchence.bmp Photo-4 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-4_bmpcA7mnhy_thumbchence.bmp Photo-5 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-5_bmphREsJaC_thumbchence.bmp Photo-6 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-6_bmp1KbNLZT_thumbchence.bmp Photo-7 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-7_bmpjBLiRG0_thumbchence.bmp Photo-8 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-8_bmp6q0SWyF_thumbchence.bmp Photo-9 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-9_bmp7xssFH6_thumbchence.bmp Photo-10 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-10_bmpXhsCHBI_thumbchence.bmp Photo-11 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-11_bmpwiU3goV_thumbchence.bmp Photo-12 http://store.img-share.eu/scamer-12_bmp0ZSuxVK_thumbchence.bmp I want to ask the player to be punished or give me back 8k gold!!!
  6. after yesterday's update lost twice Master robe when I attempt to Amplify +5 :facepalm: :cray: :'( I also want to ask what happened to my inquiry I made to the technical department on forgotten my ID and password will be reviewed my request you if you do not at least I know I've lost all my account :nea: sorry for my bag english! :blush:
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