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  1. This guide makes me wanna buy book of oblivion to change my skills build.. ;D ;D :good: :good: Very nice.. Newbies should read this..
  2. Follow-up :blush: coz he tried to sell it in world chat. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  3. Daan daan dn dito pg my time.. ;D ;D Ang tagal ng mainte tulugan n.. Zzzzzz... :snorlax:
  4. Pls. GM i.p. banned that characters.. :friends:
  5. :clapping: go Ate Nen.. Ayaw pahuli.. Lumilevel.. Galing.. :good:
  6. This makes sense.. Proud Pinoy.. :good: Mga Talentadong Pinoy tlga..
  7. no doubt about it. Description p lng panalo n.. :good:
  8. Good Job Vis.. Panalo n nman yn.. :)
  9. Wow.. i want this one for my mage.. :good:
  10. Haha.. Gnyan dpat color nyan.. :P go Ngetnget.. :)
  11. cezt

    WHY LAG?

    Lag is the new trend in warspear.. :pleasantry:
  12. Nice story.. Now im inspired to write one.. Good job author.. :)
  13. Cezt/Mage/lvl14 ::) thank you..
  14. Pwede pa sumali? :blush:
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