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  1. please gm help me fast he allready changed name of my mage from yougotdown to strikemage!!!! Pls help gm!
  2. but support isnt avabile from 30th jan :c
  3. Hello My mage Yougotdown got scammed by helpman /poderesobr and now i really mis my mage i think about quiting this game cus i spended 3 years on it I can tell you the data that i created that account i can answer all qeustions about that acc but pls help me gm i rlly miss my mage thanks
  4. dumb ass its you guys dont know how to play with lock attack arrow-fear-circle-bleu circle-life exhaust arrow he die so stfu niggas
  5. hahah yurosai yo bro its me here Ninerr good luck man yurosai best necro from warspear peace
  6. add me :D my name is yougotdown
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