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  1. hahah if u wanna know the answer ask ecuador cuz yesterday at sam he start singing it and making sounds of fox
  2. thx bro you r the cool :yahoo:
  3. if u mean u got ur account back then congratz
  4. is me losing my quest and card is part of fixing the bugs? cuz my shaman and warlock lost the card
  5. mecha u hunted sam without me :facepalm: but i need to finish it atlest one time only maybe i ask jay to help me but i, not good in remembering names so i dont know his full name : :'(
  6. lol everytime he change topic in to ........ and i guess they are the same number i really like to know why
  7. Too bad i forget to take a ss of elfs at horror mini bosses and at aa, it was an epic war to kill around 2 parties in each miniboss only by me and ioki and bere and bellxx, also at aa we ducked elfs around 3 to 4 parties by my kitty iokito jay supre and mech it was really funny, hope we make it again sometime :good: :drinks:
  8. lol they arent they names u said im not ganna say but the one on right is a good person and im glad that i was or am his friend
  9. aboud that i cant help u i only have lvl 20 but i think he drop costume
  10. i know its easy way but coming 3 players max can hit if more then someone might die cuz if traps not reseting i also dead once cuz of that i was moving but all of them where up hitting me cuz there was someone else standing on 1 of my place... and as u said to must hp and need time and minions with high dmg to me i dont think this is the way of tanking but if it is and developers worked sam hain to kill it that way then..... really shame if its they way :facepalm: come on feel with players who arent strong or arent rich they also deserve a happy halloween
  11. thx but i hope u also give me the punchinello grab
  12. i hope be can answer mine http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95732.0
  13. dev any hint on they way of killing sam hain ???
  14. now im hunting punchinello and a lock came and asked for 1 kill for quest and she got the grab :facepalm: this is really pissed off
  15. first of all i added a picture of the costume that he miniboss drop second the place is horror circus in punchinello's tent
  16. this is unbelievable......since the first day of this update, im hunting those minibosses and i killed the 4 of them many times and i still not get any crap from them while others have all the color or have 2 or 3 , but atleast they have. all the parties i hunted with get the rare costume but me ..... also as u know in each boss there are 2 or more parties all trying to hit first and i tried soo hard to hit the first so my part and me can get the costume, also im using duckin full moon and dont forget the repair i used the time i wasted and for nothing this is really shame, i dont know how drops work but im not that bad in luck, i know that my luck is good in amp im drops even in kota quests bur those bosses make me crazy, im only looking for 1 costume that i like and he is boss 3 with purple color look good with my staff 8)
  17. congratz winners and since after 6 tournaments we have the same winners so its a constant tournament therefore congratz for all the coming tour......
  18. this means that if we use 1 skill on boss he will not drop??btw how we can know which bosses , so that we can know from the beggining how to get rare stuff....
  19. i agree only with necro can beat but its not 100% right but rangers beat shaman ur looking in to only ranger dmg and skills u not looking in to shaman earth heal blind same as druids not 100% right shaman stun better then druid means blind better then root 5warlock can kill 5 shaman for sure even though it can result as 0 dmg for shamans
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