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  1. Awesome, now me want MOAR interviews :D
  2. Can you guys post the exact equipments your using to help newbie DKs like me. I know its a lot of work but if you have time I and the newbie DK community would really appreciate it. oh please enlighten me as well regarding set armors like DD and Heroic End set how many do you need to activate he bonuses, thanks in advance and you all have a nice day :drinks:
  3. slob1982


    I know this is off topic on the TS's Question but I just want to ask this. Roar is AOE effect right? so how long does it last? and how much damage does it reduces?
  4. Thumbs up on the updates, and yeah you might wanna look into reducing DKs theads of darkess skills CD
  5. I'm sold in using sword and shield. But my problem is arena sword lvl 17 has no accuracy and SD sword will take time to farm, any other options for sword? I know this is off topic but bloody can you give me good idea for lvl 20 gears for sword and shield.. thanks in advance :drinks:
  6. is that the quest at the house of Ashes? well kill the paladins using the 2 handed sword and eventually youll get one :D
  7. If you just drop the " HEY I HAS THE BIGGEST E-P3NIS " BS when your on EU that might change.
  8. Just like RF lol, wand on 1 hand and shield in the other for full support classes :D
  9. Hope the Devs look into this, this will surely keep players busy if they implement some or all of this :D
  10. Yeah!!! they should consider this. they should make an option of changing Male, Female and Hideyoshi LOL :D
  11. well i used picasion to make my gif and it works like a charm :D
  12. But which skill should we level up first? Started my DK today and hoping for help in skill building
  13. Very informative thanks for this :drinks:
  14. slob1982

    Cant connect

    Anyone knows whats going on? :aggressive:
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