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  1. maybe. If you have good gear, tons of pots and if there are no mc's trying to kill you. XD
  2. owowowo cant wait for this update! XD DO THIS MINIONS HAVE STAT BONUSES OR ACTIVE/PASSIVE SKILLS??
  3. 24th

    skill details

    hello masters of the game. I dont see any thread containing this one (or maybe i havnt read everything yet) But wouldnt it be nice if skill description includes effect duration for stun, buffs and other skill stuff. Computation and timing attack combos will be more efficient with that. XD
  4. im a newbie but i play like an addict. XD I mean if im home, i wake up at 530am and play till 12am i only stop when i need to go to the bathroom and durhng meals. XD but if im busy i play in the night until 12 am or until when my mom sends me death glares
  5. sana sana sana mkasali ako xD
  6. Kulang pa te. Enge aq full list ng guild 3-5 hehehe
  7. lalakas dn aq.. payaman muna for now haha
  8. momow! Hahahaha idol
  9. Ayan keri yan te. XD Sali ka po. XD EU EMERALD TAU XxxX Next target natin guildlvl 2 para ms madami ma acomodate. XD
  10. Yung parteng atleast 100guildpoints per day te nakaka kaba. Wahahaha
  11. kinabahan ako sa ga nabasa ko. Hohoho
  12. heh. ipag patuloy mu pa yan ibblock kita! :P :pleasantry: :rofl:
  13. Miss?? MISS?? No way. Di bagay hahaha bleh
  14. Ayan pala te si mcneil ingame.. Oo te nagfollow up ako sa thread ni master snorlaxx last week ata o last last. Si arch din pala. Hahaha hahah buti napansin. @pixeleye Machong visrin ba? Haha :P ayan dami girls sa guild na to (yata haha).. Pati ung ibang pro na nagstart maglaro nito dati my mga girls din
  15. te may nag pm sakin kanina interested sumali jan
  16. Mr snorlax. XD were following up this guild thread is active. Thanks.
  17. wuuui tenenen nalilito na q. XD san b tlga q hahaha magkaiba ung listahan e xD
  18. te nenenenenenen! nakapag reset na ko ng pass hahaha magkkigulo muna ko dito^^
  19. 24th

    Cant connect

    oh, so im not the only one who cant connect :) maybe ill just run around the forums since im new :3 good day
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