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  1. Frankly what warspear lack of other games is a beta server where test all updates than use players server for checking up :good:
  2. Update :yahoo:..hope crafting really work :blush:
  3. Nice guide for newcomers in game :give_rose: Btw can more smiley be added in game? :blush: like this >> :snorlax:..
  4. When you just started a new game its not being noob but a newbie. Noob is those who easy get killed or do stupid things ;D
  5. Nice maps for arena :good: But when will it be available in game to check it up ? :blush:
  6. You can help me out then if you're so gud :blush: :rofl:
  7. U are one of them dude :blush:..btw improving ur english writing or u need get some lesson? :rofl:
  8. Haha :rofl: I mean why so many newbies in arena lvl 14 n auto-proing :wacko:
  9. If u want fight against anihlator then prepare urself like me with mcoins(life scroll n pots) and also some gud friends to help ya :blush: :lol: Fight evil by bein evil :spiteful:
  10. Lol since when ppl started to play arena lvl 14? :lol: Blitz n nice former guilds for arena lvl 14 but actually many of their char doin tornament :wacko:
  11. Happy may day :drinks: Gud work but is there rest for devs? :blush:
  12. Idk why for craft need mcoins to b able to make new stuff :wacko: is it to encourage ppl to spend money? :spiteful: Anyway j-5 for update :yahoo:
  13. Lol nice costume :good:..its not a familiar of demonologist one? :blush: :lol:
  14. Crafting will hav an impact on mcoins used to get scroll but how will non mcoins user get these scroll?? :wacko: Even if in market have scroll selling but at very high price :bad: Shouldnt hav imply mcoins in crafting :blush:
  15. Nice infographics :good: How abt spring event? :blush:
  16. Nice announcement :yahoo: but when will we get the update? :blush: hope not in 2-3months :wacko: Ayvondil looks more like a dungeon place n cant see respawn statue :unknw:
  17. Congrats guys ;D...predators in warspear careful :lol:
  18. Hope it wont take hours to get back game n no bug like last time (game realm not available...) :wacko:
  19. I think coz they changing costume for tornament maybe that why server down :wacko: :unknw: Predators vs warspear :lol:
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