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  1. i thought you were some crazy guy selling items for cheap:D i was not able to buy miracle coins since they removed my country so It was a good offer for me. hopefully today dev will add indiacto sms payment list and i can buy lots of MC. :D If your removing items it would be nice if u could restore the same amount of gold i spend for it .it was hard farming for gold.
  2. smurfer it was a really good thing that you bought this problem as soon possibe or else it would have been even worse. i really like the development team i think they are trying thier best .lets hope they dont do anything stupid:D
  3. what was your def % with and without equip? as far i know you must be having only 6-8%def with equip at lvl10 so that hardly makes any difference. maybe u will take 1 less damage.
  4. kill all elves make them suffer!!!!!
  5. its hard to draw in mobile without stylus:D
  6. someone sold me 100 pots for 3k gold. and 3runes for 1k.
  7. did u find a sms provider for india ???.....
  8. WARNING Be prepared for images of violence and death.use discreation before viewing the following iconic artwork by Edge.
  9. you can transform into a hot fairy:[
  10. Edge

    Boss drops v1.0

    if anyone is selling these items ill buy it.
  11. yup they do .most of the features that are present nw were suggested by someone .
  12. 75000 who was that??? im ready to sell for even 10k lol.
  13. lol my mistake .i thought it was the other way round..now i have to buy moon crystal all thus while i was just focusing on astral dmg no wonder my damage was low:( have to change all equip. i noticed you removed india from sms payment list. thats only way i can buy miracle coins pls add it back.
  14. I had 150 astrall dmg and did 89dmg to pumaand i heal about 164hp . i just bought a [large crystal of astral] and enchanted my carved staff.after enchantig my astall dmg was 192 bu i still did 89 dmg to puma but i started healing 176hp. it's giving me wrong the effect instead of increasing dmg its increased my healing. i checked this withtwisted staff i had 90 moon magic with carved staff and did 176heal.then used twisted staff and had 89 moon magic but did only 128heal. that crystal is bugged . i also i want to know how the damage works. i had 150 astral dmg and did 89dmg . with 70 astral dmg i did 84 dmg. i dont see much difference.
  15. ty AIGRIND ,i got my free Miracle coins.
  16. sign it using any free signer and install.
  17. Edge

    MC noobs

    i made it inside the city (sneaking past all mc)killed few guards .then a rogue came and killed me.
  18. that would cause imbalance.
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