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  1. Sange, i got a question for u, is there maybe a possible way to let me join ur guild if i make eu char becuz im from us sapphire now but i live in eu :facepalm: , if u read this , pls consider my request ;D
  2. I had same, but i declined it and said and now 90% more man, he said nono im not intersted anymore :facepalm:
  3. Voted for spanish becuz i heard many things about spanish(good things ::) ) and im from us sapphire ;D
  4. Dont wanna be greedy but where is mine :diablo: ?
  5. Srru guys and friends but dont act like ur allmighty, just have fun in game :yahoo:
  6. Here u go zain :drinks:
  7. Ow ahah cata , u already made one :yahoo: Ow should i make char eu, becuz im from eu:/? Im asking u cata:)
  8. Ultinatium


    Devs , whats wrong with server of us sapphire, im getting lag and cant enter game for a short period again and again again :facepalm: pls fix it quick :friends:
  9. Devs. Do something about this person, he must get banned and all his trades he had must be returned
  10. Like i said before zain, i can help u with everything u need but u totally ignored me with no reason i guess :facepalm: I help witha ll quest u need just pm me
  11. Out of topic : HI ZWARRIOR :yahoo: :yahoo: Ihtehotdog, missed u buddy, i hope we can play togather soon , i play my pala ultinatium moslty pm me there :drinks:
  12. Guys pls post, if u want ur money back pls post here :give_rose:
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