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  1. Your most welcome :friends: if you play on eu, you can ask me for help, but i ragged quit for a month xD soo when I'm back i'll totally help ;D
  2. I don't agree with when all players dead=win. It will defeat the purpose of retrieving a tellus, and it will just be a typical arena with mobs. I loved this idea because players had to work together like in lab, and have a game plan to out wit, and out last your opponent. They have to think to win. Adding a revive at the "base" would be good, that way, this tournament will last longer and have a fairer gameplay.
  3. So how big will this mini lab be? If its too large, no one will bother trying to kill each other, and instead just try to find these tellus and never cross paths with your opponent. I agree that they should just the 1 free tournament ticket every 2hrs instead of using free arena tickets. That way this is a separate component of arena. It will be a new element on its own, just for guild points. There should also be restrictions on how many different classes can be in one party. That way, you won't get a full warlock/shaman/mage etc party, where they can just run away from mobs and easily
  4. Max heal 281 :blush: sd staff with normal astral enchant, desert wanderers astral armor, gt gloves, lvl 17 abyss rings, lvl 17 belt, lvl 17 cape, lvl 18 amulet. But i don't normally use max heal. Full dark def set i have 280 heal. Switched gt gloves to lvl 17 dd gloves. Normal high heal is 279, with melee def set. Bg armor(yes ik its noob xD) gt gloves and the rest of the other equips mentioned above.
  5. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Martin! :'( :'( :'( I'll miss you my super awesome polish friend! Who's gonna tell me more about polish food? Or be my pro necro pvp? Or call me firechick everytime i greet them at pvp cave? xD Still haven't even manage to get anywhere close to beating your necro too xD But i wish you well, and take care of yourself! :give_rose:
  6. Chicken xD no worries, i heard there's some bd called awesomefly or something lol! The fly family still lives xD also i don't think i intend to quit forever, would miss my friends too much! I'll miss you too loveable :'( P.s. its temporary, when i like cool down i'll come online again xD so fret not icewind!
  7. Lol i have no problem with cl, took my shaman a year to complete xD and my main characters like druid, ranger and shaman are done with it. Honestly, cl isn't that big an issue for me. There are different parts of the game that i like, i treasure the friends i made here, really, the social aspect is one of the only to main reason i play it. However dieing for no reason? That's just stupid. Perhaps your right on the quiting part, but it would be foolishness to try and change something that cannot be changed. Peoples ideas and beliefs can be changed, but they are a critical part of us, a
  8. Yup there are better items, but it also depends on your druids level. The best staff that is easy to get would be a lvl 15/17 arena one. I'd suggest just skipping the lvl 15 and getting the lvl 17 instead. The arena shop has good arena gear that have resilience(wonderful and useful stat to have), crit(also useful) and for any staff user class, moon/sun/dark magic in the gloves and armor. However arena gear do take some time to obtain because of their prices. You can get a bg lvl 15 staff in the mean time, or just skip them till you get the lvl 17 arena staff. If you are lucky and ri
  9. Its only temporary (maybe... xD ) and apologises tydess and zain :sorry:
  10. Its more of a fundamental issue that i don't like. Also, why make a small incident into a huge war? I don't like bringing people into my problems, because i have no desire to create drama, and I'm pretty sure they have better things to do than killing a couple of mc/elf. Sure friends will help me out if i ask, but so would those people who we are trying to kill. Something so small and insignificant magnifys and escalates into a huge war, where innocent by standers are effected by our actions. Its just my opinion on the issue, you can say what you wish about me, its just a game and you
  11. Why does cl need to be hard in the first place? :unknw: if both factions help each other, they both reap the rewards for doing so. Of course, people will say its WARspear, but you must know that there are many aspects of a war, and in this case, you can make an alliance, perhaps even foster friendships. After all, we are all still people playing a game hoping to get some form of entertainment. Why should picking which class you prefer change what kind of person you are? And thanks :friends: take care of yourself as well, and have fun playing warspear.
  12. Sooo, I'm rage quiting. Warspear isn't what it once was. I miss the times when elves and mc were friends and cool with each other. There's so much prejudice and animosity between them now, that i can't enjoy the game anymore, besides chatting with friends. I remember the times when elves helped mcs complete cl, and vice versa. I remembered helping some mcs complete dinalt, kratt and marashaka. And other mcs letting questers in my pty kill sea, lake, gg once and even helping us. I personally completed my bg part of cl with the help of mcs hunting there. We even hunted together after that.
  13. I got goosebumps from reading that story xD hahaha! but totally love your costume dgray! :clapping:
  14. Guys don't have your drama played out here at pixeleyes thread, take it else where, preferably no where. To pixeleye, nice one :good:
  15. Id like to know if having female and male costume in the same thread is allowed. Like same costume, but for different genders. Also, must the drawings be coloured? Cause i'll be using colour pencils and it'd look lame :blush:
  16. They're from killing hydra boss in kortavva at norlant swamps. I don't know if anyone kills hydra anymore since its hp increase, but it came from there. Originally the costumes had no name and were called []. That was when the whole craze for it began, people seeing these strange new costumes from no where, when hydra was new. Then slowly but surely, many people got costume drops from hydra. Sadly now no one kills hydra now, so you have to buy the costume from players who have it. Got 1 wild boy and1 wild girl before ;D
  17. Having a hp and mana bar and how long the minion is going to last, could be displayed somewhere on the screen. I like that minions have time limits and aren't invincible, but increasing the duration for rarer minions would be great. Seeing if a minion is friendly or an enemies should be displayed as well. Well everyone's already pointed out good suggestions and inputs, so i'll leave it at that. Btw, people are getting too dependent on minions now, or will be in the near future.
  18. I like the idea, but i think its going to take forever waiting for an arena to start, when people go random. Also maybe at 5x5 there could be 2 warlocks/mages. Sure you get 2 circles and massive area skills, but at least its possible for first circle to fail and the rest of the team can strike, and focus on killing 1 mage then kill the rest. This idea definitely needs to be implemented, would make arenas challenging again :yahoo:
  19. Oh i didn't realise it was meant to be permanent. Personally, i would rather have time limited minions than permanent ones, makes them special you know? Having a constant minion around is great when hunting/farming but takes away the experience when doing things with friends. Anyways just my issues with permanent minions, getting side tracked. The reasons why i suggested those, was to simplify your version, and make it a bit more probable to be implemented. Having many items created for capturing minions is a bit much, sure devs will earn more money, but it didn't have to be complicated i
  20. Well i thought of something that will make it less like pokemon. Take out the whole have minion at low hp, different types of scrolls and ice wall thing. How to capture a minion: 1. get capture scroll, can be obtained from boss drops, norlant swamps rewards, and miracle shop 2. go to a area with a minion 3. kill the minion, and when it dies, get essence of "insert minion name" 4. put the essence of "insert minion name" into the capture scroll 5. you get yourself a minion, congrats this way, you remove the whole disturbers factor, unless of course they try to ste
  21. Majority of them do indeed have a high level character supplying the gold and equipments true. But what does that have anything to do with exchanging ap for gp? Their characters could be in different guilds. For me, my lvl 20 druid is 1 guild while my lvl 14 ranger is in the sub guild. My lvl 14 can't do anything to help the second guild to progress because its staying lvl 14 until it gets the lvl 17 arena gea. So are you saying that because i have a lvl 20, it means my lvl 14 rangers guild has to suffer? Where's the logc in that?
  22. There are guilds specifically for arenas and pvps. They don't hunt, so are u calling them useless? A guild is meant to be a platform for players to get together and accomplish things together. Its for people with the same interests and ideals to meet up. There's more to a guild than just hunting and what not. If people wish to stay at a certain level for whatever purpose, who are you to judge them? They keep the game running by buying arena tickets, amping their gear, enchanting everything, so why deny them the full privileges of having and being in a guild? I agree that there should be altern
  23. Hahaha i forgot the saying, if you can't beat em' join em'. No wonder everyone left after 3 months xD
  24. You forgot the part where ranged classes would cry about melee killing them so easily :blush:
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