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  1. Why hello there I would attempt to PvP you yet, alas, its an EU life for little old me
  2. Defi


    You should PvP he who should not be named, if you can find a way to catch him in the split second he's not funding half of AI's wages and actually get him to arena with you... In other news, pigs have been spotted flying side by side ryan air boengs
  3. Shammies are basically druids Not everybody feels the need to brag though so you tend to only really get a few people on these topics
  4. If I were you, I'd level this shammy, which gives you even more experience with the skills, then hunt bosses such as lake and gg that drop good equipment. This guide will help you out a lot
  5. Woaah, youre all very wound up, but could you atleast try and quote propperly? Please just read this...
  6. The dmg output is still increased on mobs but the silence effect is nullified because mobs don't use skills (within reason, unless you count bosses pushback as a skill). It'd be interesting to see if it works on minions too, something I haven't been able to test out yet although I see no reason why it shouldnt
  7. The silence is pretty cool Dks finally have a way of fighting back at healers without relying on the teeny stuns that exhal and threads provide Im not sure on specific stats but lv1 gives 5s silence although whether that time increases I have no idea
  8. Indiana jones, easily Ever had a star wars marathon?
  9. Im new to anime so im easing my way in with naruto, fairy tail and attack on titan
  10. Who said anything about secretly? Does anyone slightly believe that im a woman?
  11. Holy mother of... I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED IT! What's the best site to watch it on?
  12. Defi


    You were right on cue, thanks
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