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  1. Idk about lv4 but lv1 lasts 4 seconds ish
  2. That scenario probably only works out for the people that then decide that they need to come on the forum to state they've been "hacked". The point is, the only equipment that really gets unbound is the stuff with value, which also means that the players holding the stock have an attachment to the game- meaning when push comes to shove they'll more than likely just buy mcoins. Why would the devs want to alter a system that starts people buying mcoins? Your idealistic approach is lovely, yet unrealistic
  3. I just gave you enough, if youd like more then please give me an explination (a logical one) as to why you don't agree with them... Im not saying I don't like the idea, its just not really a realistic concept in my opinion.
  4. Defi

    help me please gm

    Seriously? Another? Just read this and then when you're ready to admit you've been a bit of an idiot and need to learn a few basics read this...
  5. Translation,"Of course you shared your ID and Password...." Gotta love sarcasm
  6. Although I'd love to see this happen, I doubt it will. Sure, you can argue that revive scrolls were brought in, but if you think about it you need to revive a lot more than you need to unbind- which then raises the question of would it be worth the devs time? Of course, non mcoin users would be able to unbind, but where is the money in that? WS is a business above all else and it can't just rely on hassn, it needs a constant supply of people buying mcoins and while unbinding is a mcoin only thing you are being forced to join the mcoin users, which then tempts you into buying more.
  7. Legionner is by far the best, with his lv10 old bow with full +10 and crit enchants on everything Why did incy wincy spider climb that water spout?
  8. What, he managed to get past the demons?!? Woahh... must be that magic stealth of his......
  9. If you have anything 15/16 then they're acceptable Also, you can submit any level under 14, just remember you'll be up against people lv16 etc. I'll just make the pairings as equal as possible
  10. I wonder if he actually did...
  11. Defi

    dagger or double axes

    Does it really matter about what you look like? The only real buff that skins give you is the percentage of people private messaging you either,"ur rich giv me gold" and "link weapon". Plus, rouges spend the majority or battle time in stealth... Im proud to say that I got to the end of that Your rouge, your choice. You just need to remember that rouges are meant for explosive damage releases, which both having a mixed set and also dual sets can give you. Asking what's best is just going to cause arguments based on personal opinions rather than fact
  12. PvP tournament to be held..... well, whenever enough people sign up! If you want to join just post your in-game name below Also, keep tabs on this thread as ill update it with a dates and times for each match and the results
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