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  1. Good ideas, that amp thing would be good change, but what about world chat when ppl would amp from +80 to +100 o.O
  2. According to EULA rules, its illegal to trade/sell accounts right? Here is a screenshot from chat where he told of trade himself.
  3. True, shamans op enought, they dont need op shield.
  4. Healer vs healer just sucks now, i tired it, i have 797 heal, 209 (from 331) dmg to that shaman i was fighting with,shaman had 230 dmg to me and over 250 heal. Its going to end 90% to draw if shaman is smart enought not to use skills when mana drain active. And what about melee against healer now? O_o
  5. So true, everyone who dont know how to play, will get lots of "noob" private messages or messages in trade- or world chat. Ppl used to be helpful and kind many years ago, but now so many uses mcoins and think they are gods so they dont care how newbies may feel. And you can't be pro in this game without mcoins (talking about amping) and that sucks. Please, as many have said, change that amp system. Its one of the things ruining this game. There are many suggestons about new amp system. And yes, most of chars/accounts are just for s.chests, rise the lvl needed for boxes->ppl get much runes and crystals and prices of those are going down on market.
  6. I'm not sure do you remember me Male, but i remember you from the old times (like 2-3 years ago) and i gotta say, Us losing an old member once again. Goodluck to Eu and was nice to meet you my Finnish friend.
  7. Cool, but can you say when? Like month or two? Before christmas? Thank you for doing some permanent new areas :good:
  8. Game realms will not be available for 60 minutes. Nice joke. Us-sapphire still down...after 4 hours!
  9. Yea, maybe something bigger :blush: like new isle or Bg tower 8)
  10. Game realms will not be available for 60 minutes. Come on, over 3 times longer than you said :facepalm: i want to play :snorlax: Ps. Hi ezio*hi*
  11. Well, sounds good, but is there gonna be lvl 20-30 weapons and gears? Ps: nice new smiley :snorlax: :lol:
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