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  1. @Holmes What is the purpose of nerfing 6 paladin skills? I agree the shield was strong, but it heals nerf, damage and defense, after all what do you want the paladins to do? Stay excluded how will you be now? It doesn't heal and does no damage and will still suffer to tank something because it needs more amplification than Warden. In short, the paladin will be sidelined because not even the tank will do well, and the Warden will take care of that as he is better at tanking. It doesn't make sense to make the totem do 200-300 damage, as a player can get 10k Defense and Health with 50% resilience. Simply Paladin will not kill anyone and will only die for any other class. Congratulations, destroyed the paladin, it would be easier to delete the class by preventing them from doing what they did.


    @Holmes The paladin class is below any other and all tank classes. Because it doesn't have 1/3 of the damage that Brb or Dk has, it doesn't heal like before or significantly anymore and it's very low in the sense of tanking, it now needs to have a high amplification to be able to do something, and warden with half is better. In PvP what to say, how will you kill someone with 10k health and defense and 50% resilience with the main damage is 200-300 which is the standard, impossible. It simply has no damage, no healing and no tanka, I see that the paladin class is only going to drop a lot now as it doesn't do anything else significantly.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    Minha farsa tem 730 de dano mágico. Totem maximizado. Não consigo curar 1100 por carrapato. 



    Pelo contrário, um paladino com minha mesma quantidade de dano mágico eventualmente curar 2k de uma cura crítica. Gostaria de lembrar que estamos falando de um tanque. Como é que ninguém nunca mencionou isso? 

    If you are not curing you can be sure that the problem is in your char 730 without pots does not cure less than 900

    And try to find out about the class before talking about bubbles, paladin in any game has always had a shield and healed despite not being anything more than a normal cure.

    And the healing of the pala is instant friend, if it heals only once and it takes a long time to return, the totem heals much more than that. 

  3. 7 hours ago, WantFairGame said:


    Ohhh certo, você quer que eu fale sobre saldos! Saldos que vão deixar você ganhar sempre, caso contrário serão chamados de desequilibrados! 

    1-Quantos templários o mesmo Ancestrais usa? se você sabe bem, eles têm aoe stuns + habilidades de silêncio de área

    2- Quantos druidas o Great Ancestrais tem se sobrar slot extra de MAGES? como você se lembra, eles têm habilidades de cura + atordoamento totalmente

    3- Quantos Paladinos ancestrais possui? Ataque de área / Alta proteção / Alta curador / Classe de atordoamento de área

    Se você continuar usando principalmente magos e ignorar outras classes, a razão para perder é óbvia.

    A guilda KINGDOM está se aprimorando não apenas individualmente, mas também em estratégias. O círculo deles está se tornando um Triângulo das Bermudas e sua estratégia parece entrar no inferno <font style=😄"> 

     Vejam os vídeos, como Ancestrais se espalharam enquanto KINGDOM se mantinham juntos. Bem, com a ajuda dos templários você pode espalhá-los, talvez? Antes de vir aqui em busca de soluções, tente pesquisar o problema em você mesmo <font style=🙃">



    Always the same thing, the argument of all of you is nothing but repeated, as you have but nothing to say. 

    Ancestors are filled with various classes and not just one as your miserable little brain thinks, druid has stunning 1: 1 ohh you didn't know right? Do you think it would arrest them all at once ... 

    The druid's healing is also one by one not in the area, healing all and constantly at once, also did not know right? I understand 

    Paladin has stamina but of course it's a tank class, he didn't know, did he? It makes sense.

    Healing a paladin, it is to laugh, you simply think that the elven classes have the same quits of debuffs and healing skills in the area constantly, that not even when the user dies they end up. Only the shaman was presented with this only 

    Templar friend is not going to come and throw everyone away and more than anyone you know that, but they like to keep talking about it. Passing ineffective things that would have no lesser effect, and you know why? It has already been done. Before saying anything try to know.

    Who is reputed to always search for ease is the legion faction and I will remember only one to prove it, when they were using the skill of the dark knight to win without even having a confrontation, you always look for ease and as you defended the last time so as not to lose the facility, you will defend in the same way.



  4. 15 hours ago, ramerson said:

    1k na área? Eu vejo que você está apenas inventando dados para justificar seu pensamento de qualquer maneira, eu tenho minha vergonha na pressa e isso cura 430, então pare de inventar coisas.


    If you have not reached the maximum that the class can offer, then you should not say anything that does not exist, because you are making it up. 

    For the totem to heal 430 it would have to have 400 magic and at skill level 1 ,.

    A shaman with 700+ totem magic 4 heals easily (1100), play with the class more to learn before giving his opinion on surreal things.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Lustz said:

    o totem de cura não prioriza aqueles que têm menos vida, mas seu grupo e depois a guilda. Ele cura a cada 3 segundos e tem um limite de 7 jogadores. Todos os grupos de guilda têm 1 xamã para que todos possam aproveitar ao máximo esta habilidade

    If he is in a group he gives priority to the group, but if he is not the cure, he goes to those who have less life.

    And even prioritizing the pt the cure of the totem still comes out at random summing up: it stays the same.

  6. A class that can easily take 800 magic and physical damage by becoming immune to the guild globe, and also having very high damage, resistance and healing is normal?  

    Another class that heals 1100 for several in the area constantly, and has a debuff that decreases (critical, Penetration, precision) with precision being negative and having a non-existent cooldown, can be used over and over again, thus being the only class with no skill cooldown it's normal?

  7. 32 minutes ago, Hashukax said:

    Você diz que um totem cura 100? Há quanto tempo você joga para saber mais sobre o jogo ou a quem obedece para vir aqui comentar? O limite do totem é 6, registre esse número em sua mente.

    The totem heals 1100 (easily) and has no way of trying to hide it.

    And the totem heals 6, but he is not limited to just those 6 people he heals who has the lowest HP within his area. Do you understand now why he said he heals several? Or he needs to draw.


  8. 1 hour ago, Hashukax said:

    Claro que sim, se um xamã não tiver dano mágico, a cura do totem é basicamente nada.

    I don't know what you do here, because you don't even know the skills, you don't know how they work.

    After the totem is used nothing else affects him, after the shaman releases the totem he can have 0 dps magic but the healing will remain the same because what matters is how much magic there was when the totem was used.

  9. 1 hour ago, Lustz said:

    quando você tem 20 xamãs juntos, isso é um desequilíbrio? ANCESTRAIS tem 45 mago, isso é normal para você?

    The amount of class in a guild is not the imbalance, but when a skill is more "effective" than it should be.

    I remember they went after saying that the wizard's shield was unbalanced and that it was easily prevented with just a rune, but now that the shaman’s skills are out of balance they want to hide it anyway.

  10. 2 hours ago, Erick Dias de Souza said:



    When are you going to speak truths instead of creating non-existent things? 

    Where have you seen a priest heal more than a shaman? Friend will read the skills, reading does not kill! 

    Priest only has basic healing and redemption which only works once and has a huge cooldown. 

    About druids you may be right, but the shaman is not far behind as you are trying never to put it, if you doubt it even hits the head with a druid, you who never assume. 

    And stop inventing yet again, Eternals still has some PVE players, in Ancestry all are PVP and in their great majority greatness, the rest are all + 7-8 at least. To try to say that Eternals has more PvP players or amplified greatness is even a sin, try again because you typed a book but it’s nothing real.

  11. 3 hours ago, Kicker said:

    Você observou durante a fazenda de torres ou em momentos de gvg? porque é meio errado, se tem 4 em busca do conjunto pvp é demais, suas fontes estão meio perdidas kkkkk e sobre o acúmulo de classes fortes, seria no sentido do que fizeram com um mago? porque pelo que eu sei, temos mais caçadores na guilda do que chefe e xamã, há alguém passando a informação errada para você, cuidado com as fontes ein

    Is it time to build up courage and speak the truth at least once, man, or are you allergic to telling the truth? Do you think you can hide? Funny joke. 

    "There are more hunters" kkkkkkkkk can try to invent or hide, but facts are friendly facts. 

    And to say that only 4 are after PvP is too much ... But although it is not complicated to get 3-4 parts in a day, but it still doesn't even match ... 

    To say that there are more PvP players or greatness than Ancestors and that they are winning because of that, it is having a lot of self-esteem not to mention the lie ...

     But the topic is not equivalent to how many players in each class your guild has, but that certain skills are out of balance and trying to deny that is the main proof of that.

    3 hours ago, WantFairGame said:

    Lembro que vinagre era caçador e no Valhalla desistiu de brincar de elfo, veremos outro desistir logo então? Como você sabe, com as classes certas você pode lutar contra qualquer classe, KINGDOM não usa rogues, pois são falta de ataques aoe, eles usam classes corretas não importa o quão fortes ou fracos sejam, mas como eu sei que RoT e outros usam classes erradas , Eu acredito que é a razão.

    What does it have to do if he was Legion? The topic is to talk about skills that are out of balance! And not because of your love for him.

  12. 7 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

    Não é totalmente verdade. A Legião está realmente fraca. Você apenas olhou para as habilidades do personagem. Não em como eles são usados. A maioria das classes de legião não pode lutar contra sentinelas de maneira justa. Um dk de nível 20 não pode lutar contra um druida de nível 13 e há outros exemplos. 

    Why can't you? it's forbidden? if saying that a Dk lvl 20 loses to a lvl 13 is a joke and a lie, there is no way. 

  13. 46 minutes ago, lore said:

    mas é para o xamã, ladino, bárbaro, caçador, necromante e feiticeiro 

    e é um grande enfraquecimento, considerando que o xamã é quem mais cura

    It hardly changes in healing, as the totem is not affected by the globe and it heals freely as in the beginning. 

    And the chief should not be the only class resistant to this ... 

  14. 42 minutes ago, lore said:

    por enquanto você pode tentar se organizar para ter um grande grupo de templários de sua guilda para lançar suas tempestades no meio do inimigo, a fim de separá-los e fugir do ponto que eles estão segurando, outra opção é use o globo da guilda

    Guild Globe does not change the chief at all, as he easily takes 800 damage, both physical and magical.

  15. The guild is not weak, much less disorganized as you say. For if it were how you would remain standing all these years, with all those achievements being disorganized and weak? 

    Basis without logic, the totem poles are giving enormous resistance, that is a fact, there is no point in putting videos of GvG Primavera, since you were explicitly at a numerical disadvantage,because when they are Full there is literally no way to kill even 1/3 because it is an absurd cure constantly.

  16. 15 minutes ago, Kicker said:

    Você pode provar que definimos pve +1? você pode provar que somos uma guilda pve? em todos os seus comentários pudemos facilmente refutá-lo por seu claro desconhecimento sobre todos os aspectos do jogo, e também sobre sua clara dificuldade em analisar situações para garantir uma melhor tomada de decisão.
    E a propósito, acessórios de grandeza só fazem você tankar mais, eu recomendo mudar sua estratégia se você acha que é só chegar com seus wizards que eles irão completamente tankar Kingdom como aconteceu antes, acessórios de grandeza não adicionam jogabilidade e senso de jogo

    It is completely approved, it has already been seen that several of its members (not all) are still chasing their PvP set, so they are pve, while most of the ancestors are greatness and the rest has a PvP item at least + 6-7.

    If we didn't know we wouldn't talk, now trying to hide or deny it to see if it gains an advantage is sad, and still wanting to pass for geniuses being clearly at an advantage ... Joke made.

  17. 14 minutes ago, Kicker said:

    Enquanto o seu foco for atropelar o que vier com seus 60 mágicos, eles continuarão perdendo sem entender o porquê, não temos porque ensiná-los a jogar contra nós, porque pegamos o diferencial de cada aula e ampliamos deles, com base no estudo de habilidades e posições de combate, recomendo analisar suas habilidades e ver quais funcionam melhor com determinados buffs, apenas lendo as descrições de suas habilidades já temos uma base de como jogaríamos contra nós mesmos, isso se chama jogo visão.

    This is nothing more than attempts and attempts at unfolding because what you have done and always do is to see what the strong class of the moment can do, and how the chief is totally strong at the time it was easy to see that you should call more chiefs and more shamans to make it last longer, don't try to show that it was thought for several and several days because it was not! 

    It was like what they did with the dark knight, they saw that they could use it to gain an advantage, and they are doing the same thing with the chief and the shaman's totems. Don’t want to be wise, as getting together in one place and using classes that are above normal at the moment is nothing impressive, they are just taking advantage of it as before. 

    And as they tried to justify in a flawed way that what they did with the dark knight was normal, they will try to justify that of shaman and chief even if it is creating non-existent things.

  18. 3 minutes ago, João Aristolfo said:

       Honestamente, me entristece saber que quem criou este tópico já foi um legionário.

       Bem, então agora magicamente o xamã se tornou um Deus e o Globo da Guilda se tornou inútil por causa de uma classe?

       Ok, vamos olhar para o jogo de maneiras diferentes, primeiro a esfera PvE: O Shaman foi ignorado por muito tempo pelas grandes guildas e pelos próprios jogadores, que começaram a mudar recentemente na última atualização do saldo.

       Em segundo lugar, vamos dar uma olhada nos inimigos do Shaman (Vale ressaltar que, como o criador do tópico faz parte dos Sentinelas, considerarei apenas as classes Sentinela): Inimigos com grande capacidade de dano em AoE (Magos e Paladinos), inimigos que são imparáveis (Mages, Blade Dancer, Redemption of Priests), inimigos que fornecem suporte excepcional (Druidas e paladinos). Com tudo isso, fica difícil para a legião conseguir suportar uma batalha com tantos danos, sem ter uma cura razoável.

       Além disso, vale ressaltar que a área de efeito do Totem de Cura não é tão grande, e algumas classes sentinelas podem facilmente dispersar os inimigos daquela área (Magos, Templários); além deste efeito Knock-Back causado por algumas classes, no lado sentinela também é possível causar dano rapidamente e ao mesmo tempo atordoar os inimigos na área (Mages, Paladins, Templars, Blade Dancer, Druid).

       E não se esqueça, que assim como a legião tem cura de área, os Sentinelas têm buffs de dano de área (isso junto com a habilidade de dano AoE com vampirismo, os sentinelas devem alcançar algo semelhante ao totem do Xamã).

       Você diz que o Xamã consegue um número absurdo de curas durante uma batalha, mas você também analisou a cura que um mago do vampirismo completo consegue? Ou, compare a quantidade de dano AoE causado pelos Sentinelas e aquele causado pela Legião, você pode ter certeza que os Sentinelas causarão mais danos, então eu pergunto a você: Como a Legião pode suportar tanto dano sem se curar?


       Agora, falando sobre o Chieftain, ele é uma classe DD de dano misto. Não há nada para discutir aqui, o problema está no conceito de classe, ele só pode ser resolvido com um retrabalho completo ou com a adição de tal classe nas Sentinelas (embora o Paladino e o Templário também tenham danos mistos, mas não são DD).

       Qualquer mudança específica neste aspecto do Chieftain seria uma coisa muito ruim para a reputação da empresa, mudar todo um conceito de classe apenas porque algumas pessoas o desejam.

    In short, it was for him to continue ignoring the disadvantages in favor of MC as it was already done.

    Not magically, Shaman was always strong, but with the addition of a class as chief, the combo was extremely appealing. And whether you like it or not, it's the truth Guild globe is useless in front of chief.

    In the part of the magician to have a greater damage than the other classes but not abnormal as a chief, you hit him after all he is damage, but paladin have a high damage and in area still, that was a joke of very bad taste because the paladins is one of the classes that has the most damage low, and in an area there that becomes insignificant.

    Wizards, blade dancer and unstoppable priest? Where did you get that from? Much less the unstoppable redemption? 

    Well come on, Blade dance and wizards die very easily as they stay in the front line and bd most of the time dies without even making an attack (because of the various stun), mage still lasts a little longer but cannot kill anyone because of the excessive regeneration of the totem poles. Redemption heals only once and only 7 people and has a giant cooldown for a skill that is only used once.

    Druid and paladins support exceptional? Come on again, Druid has many healings but he cannot use even half in GvG, because if he gets too close to the fight area he is focused and dies it is not like a shaman who releases a totem leaves the area or even dies but the totem remains in the area healing. Paladino basically has only my dear shield and in the middle of a GvG fight it evaporates like water and also has a huge cooldown.

    Isn't the totem area large? What is it that you consider great then? 😐 

    Buffs in area and vampirism that legion also has or is available too, in short it doesn’t change anything they still have the advantage.

    Do you even know how vampirism works? If you don't know, I will tell you: vampirism heals based on the attack it gives the enemy, and most use PvP item that decreases the damage received it will not heal 200 per attack, with the totem healing (easily) 1100 who is within the totem’s action area, which is not at all small.

    And by itself the classes of the legion already have an absurd resistance that was in combination with so much healing that made it stay that way, an example of this is the chief who has damage, defense and healing and with one more heal strong external like the totem pole, it is surreal and uneven.

    Cacique has to be said yes and a lot, because it is the only class that has high resistance, damage and healing. Not to mention that it is also the only class that the guild globe skill does not work because it is mixed and catches 800 of both with extreme ease, paladin or templar does not even come close to having the same amount of damage both physical and magical and also cause damage similar to chief. Literally the chief steps on them. 

    It wouldn't be ugly at all, but it would show that they are visualizing and following the game, because a single class is unbeatable that way, which spoils the company's image, as I said: no other class can tank damage and heal beyond the chief, and is also the only class that in addition to doing all of this is immune to the GUILDA globe ability, where is this fair or correct? Only in your fairy tales.

  19. 19 minutes ago, Strongtank said:

    Eu gostaria de fazer um video

    Eu queria incluir

    7 xamãs
    para ter 7 totens de cura

    E faça 12 magos lutarem comigo como em um GvG

    Usando salto e estilhaço cada

    Vocês são xamãs
    Venham me dê essa força
    Mostre que o xamã não é o que os elfos estão dizendo

    They are desperate, why the 12 against 12 will not go? It must be because you must already know the result before you even start. 

    And the way you are desperate I highly doubt whether that would show reality.

  20. 1 minute ago, Higgings said:


    Ainda estou esperando por uma habilidade no lado mc que torne um personagem imortal (druida) ou que dê um escudo inquebrável (paladino). Pelo mesmo seu bem: igualdade. 

    Cacique has a cure that leaves him practically immortal all the time healing, not to mention that he receives a minimal amount of damage, so that class already exists. Now if you assume it is another story, because knowing this you know that you use it. 

    Unbreakable shield, it would be comical if it weren't crude. The shield is DIFFICULT to be broken when you are alone, it has never been unbreakable. Unless you have very low damage. 

  21. 14 minutes ago, Kicker said:

    Nenhum dano absurdo, o chefe continua sendo um dano menor que o caçador, sabe o que é diferente? construir, combinação de habilidades, relíquias, há uma estrutura por trás de cada surra que você leva, há buffs específicos, e sem essa cura excessiva, não precisamos nos curar porque você não causa danodan

    Damage less than hunter, which hides what really happens at all costs. 

    Cacique is being and taking the most damage, and it is still explosive if you refuse to see it or try to hide it there is another story.

  22. 7 minutes ago, Vinagre said:

    sim, e eu apenas sugeri fazer funcionar exatamente como funciona o estatuto dos templários, como isso é injusto? 

    For them it is normal for the Templar healing to work like this, but the shaman's cure is already surreal. 

    "They can, but we can't!" 

  23. 5 minutes ago, Khrone said:

    Mage costumava ser assim naquela

    Never was! 

    Mage was extremely good and "easy" on the Pve requirement and not so easy because the person had to know the exact time to hit the boss for the shield to activate.

    In PvP it was completely crushed, if it wasn't in a large amount it would be useless and it was still difficult because it is not stunned and has an immense facility of receiving control effect.

    "But what about the shield and ennoblement" you might be asking,

    But let's start with the shield, it was so easy to take the wizard's shield and leave it unprotected that with just one rune the shield was no longer effective. 

    Ennoblement is the same as other control resistance skills, it needs to be free and loose to be able to use and only lasts for 4-5s at most, it is not the same as the brb you use and is active for 300 years. 

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